20 January 2020, Monday, Today Horoscope.

Monday Horoscope


You will be able to enjoy all the pleasures of today’s married life. During this time, a plan can be made to travel somewhere with the spouse. On this day, you will face all the difficulties on the strength of your hard work and dedication. Today, there will be more trend towards spiritual and religious works.


On this day, you will take part in the activities of religion and work and you will be able to get special benefits from charity. You will get happiness at the family level today. If there is no control over food, then you may get some disease.


Today, you will have special attraction towards esoteric mysteries. Deep meditation will make you feel supernatural. You must control your speech. Beware of your enemies. Do your work with the advice of your wife.


Today you will have mental anxiety. And your health will also be bad. Today is not a good day to start new tasks. Contingency money will be incurred. Disputes can occur due to a debate between lovers.


On this day you will have the opportunity to have a good meal with family members and close friends. Today most of your time will be spent on social media. Minor short stay is also likely to be organized. Your health will be good today.


Today you will gain money. You will get news of the people who live far away, which will make you happy. Today, there may be opportunities for conflict or estrangement in the office, so be careful.


On this day you will feel physically and mentally unwell. There will be an atmosphere of disunity in the house. There will be differences with the parents or their health will deteriorate. Take care in documenting land, house and vehicle etc.


Today you will get success in work. You will also be able to defeat the competitors. There will be very good relations with brothers and neighbors. There will also be economic benefits. Today loved ones will be together. You will be happy on this day.


You have to give up your stubborn behavior today. Your uncontrolled speech can make someone pique. A mind stuck in duplex will not let you come to any concrete decision. Important decisions are advice not to make income. be in good shape.


 An opportunity to have a nice meal stay or meet with family and friends will come. Along with life, there will be an opportunity for deep intimacy. You will experience deep intimacy with your spouse. Will benefit financially. Will have to go out on auspicious occasion.


Today will be a bit painful for you. Health will be poor. Mourning will be grieving with family members. As a result, you will remain unwell mentally. Anger has to be curbed. Excess expenditure will lead to cash straining.


Today’s day will be beneficial in social sector jobs and other areas. Friends, will go out with relatives. There will be benefits from female friends and wife and son. Love will be communicated in married life. Will be your new friend today.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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