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Saturday, November 27, 2021
God is hungry for emotion only, so if anything is offered to him, he accepts it. Giving food to God is a symbol of reverence and faith. If you want to offer food any deity, then it is used in fire. Gods accept food only through fire.
During marriage ceremony, the corner of the groom's patka and a corner of the bride's chunari or sari are tied together, which is called alliance. The alliance is accompanied by the pronunciation of mantras. While combining these five items namely Coin, Flower, Turmeric, Durva and Rice (Akshat) is tied between the...
Some people think of themselves as small, this is their thinking but you do not ever consider yourself as small because you are not young. You are very old, if you make a mistake then accept it and apologize, bow down, give your obligation you will see that you became big.