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Our Approach

Help Astrology has been created by Rakhi Goswami. The work of astrology is done free of charge because astrology is for the guidance of people and not for getting wealth.

Our Story

Help astrology should be given to people and for the purpose of astrology, help astrology website has been created. There is neither income from this website nor any means of obtaining money. This website is completely free. Money or any assistance is not taken in any form or any form for astrological consultation. The purpose of this website is only to give information about astrology.

 An attempt is also being made to give information about Ghost etc. . People are also given good inauspicious information of daily by daily horoscope.

Help astrology aims at giving free information to people and promoting astrology. With the objective of getting proper consultation, the people are getting free work and free work has been done in the past and free work will be done in future also.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

Astrologer Boxer Dev Goswami has received a blessing from the astrology lord and from childhood, astrologer boxer Dev Goswami made a lot of predictions which proved to be true only when the Astro Research Center was established and research on astrology on a wide range of serious topics. That is why we also wrote books on astrology, but due to lack of money, neither the books were published nor Astro Research Center, Sector – 5, Rohini had to stop due to lack of funds, so could work in progress in Delhi.

Astrologer Geeta

Founder & CEO

Geeta is a very socialist & founder

Boxer Dev Goswami


It is a world famous astrology and predicted by them.

Astrologer Rakhi Goswami

General manager

She is very Famous Astrologer & General manager Help Astrology