Aquarius zodiac Sign

Aquarius zodiac sign

The letters of Aquarius zodiac are:- Gu, Goo, Ghu, Gey, Gay, Ghe, Go, Gau, Gho, Sa, Sha, Si, See, Shi, Shee, Su, Soo, Shu, Shoo, Say, Shaa, So, Sho, and Da.

Aquarius people are kind and calm in nature. These people do not care about their guard, they do not have time for this. Mostly these people are of Bohemian variety. He befriends all kinds of people and tries to know about them. Many social reformers are born of this amount. They worry about the happiness of others rather than at home. They have the ability to think and understand every situation. They are adept at recognizing the character and personality of others, but do not tell anyone about themselves and despite being so friendly, they keep their life in isolation from everyone.

These people are of rebellious type and keep opposing old customs from time to time. But do not resort to violence to achieve their goal.

These people are of a generous heart and do not think of anyone as one-sided wrong. Whatever you decide, you fulfil it and do not change your decision by drowning in emotion or under any kind of pressure. These people worry about the coming tomorrow but are less successful in saving money for themselves. Yes, help to collect money for others.

These people hate fraud and do not like to borrow money from anyone. These people are realistic.

In the case of love, such people are idealistic and never forget themselves. The desire for lust is less in their love and these people give more importance to friendship with people of opposite sexes. They have a desire to meet new people. As long as you are in contact with them, love and friendship will remain with you. If you lose contact, then these people forget. After years of reunion, contact can occur.

Women with Aquarius sign are the most distant even if they are the most friendly, because it does not like freedom. Beautiful attire, attractive hairstyles and attractive tricks attract people everywhere.

People with Aquarius sign can become photographer, writer, psychologist, astrologer, publisher etc. successfully.

Those who work under them as bosses, respect them because of their new and modern way of working. But such natives also keep away from them by mixing with their employees, so that they do not form dense relations with the employees. It does not give importance to the suggestions of employees, but those who like their mind do it. Others consider people less intelligent than themselves.

Employees of this amount can do well if they get idealistic officers. They are less popular among their fellow employees. These people understand that he can also take care of every seat and his officer’s work. If their officer is in Libra, Aries and Gemini then it is good for them. If their officer is in Virgo, Capricorn or Scorpio, then the native of Aquarius will get disappointed.

Lucky Day : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Lucky Number: 4,8,5 and 6

Lucky color: black, red, blue, yellow, white and cream.

Owner: Saturn

Zodiac Element: Air

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