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The Film Industry is a popular world. Along with the money, popularity is also available in this world, it gets a name in the world, so a large number of young boys, girls and people want to go to the movies. Going to the movies and making a name there is not a matter of everyone, because this world is a dazzle world and can be settled here only on the basis of art.

If your art is of Best class, then you will surely get success, but even after the art is of Best class, many people do not get success in it because their planets have influence behind it.

Let’s know which planets bring success in film industry.

The film industry is a field and in horoscope, the field is viewed from the tenth place. If the lord planet of tenth house and tenth house is strong then you can step into the film industry.

The most important role in the film industry is of the mind because emotions are manifested in the body through the mind and in films the body has to be molded according to the role. The lord of the mind is the moon, if the moon is strong in the horoscope and it is related to the tenth house or the second house, then you can become an artist of the best acting.

If the lord of the ascendant is related to the third house then the film can be transported to the world because the third house communicates in the media, therefore, the lord of the third house is strong and his connection with the ascendant makes the person famous.

Venus is a glowing planet. He likes indulgence. Venus has a direct relationship with acting because Venus is associated with art, dance, music, acting, etc. If the planet Venus in the horoscope is related to the fifth house or its lord planet as well as the moon, then the person earns a name in the field of acting and his acting is very good.

In the horoscope, the fifth house is considered as the place of entertainment and the tenth house is the place of karma, so if the lords of the fifth and tenth house are related then the person goes to the acting area.

Mercury is the lord of the voice, so Mercury is related to the moon and Venus and the factor of mind, as well as the lord of the ascendant is strong, then the person has very good power to speak and he performs the magic of his speech in the film industry.

You should have auspicious planets in ascendant and lord of the ascendant is strong If the lord of the tenth house and the lord of the fifth house sit among each other, then he gets success in the field of acting.

The presence of Venus, Mercury and Moon together and the sight of an auspicious planet on it brings the person into the field of acting.

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