Benefits of Coffee Bath

coffee bath astrology

According to astrology, coffee bath has many benefits. Coffee is related to liquid and the liquid is related to the Moon planet. Whenever the Moon is afflicted in the horoscope, one has to take a coffee bath to strengthen the Moon planet.

When the planet Moon and Ketu are sitting together in the horoscope, then one should take a coffee bath, it gives power to the moon planet.

Many people get addicted to drugs, they are not able to quit the addiction even after wanting, to get rid of the addiction of such people, a coffee bath is needed because the addiction is due to the effect of some bad planet on the moon.

If the planet Venus is stronger in someone’s horoscope, then the person spends more money on beauty products. Sometimes because of such comfort, all the money, business of a man gets wasted. Therefore, to avoid these troubles, one should take a coffee bath.

How to take a coffee bath

Mix one spoon of coffee in a bucket of water. After mixing coffee in water, take a bath with that water, but pouring water below the throat has to be taken. Do not take a shower with your head.

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