Black Magic

Black Magic

If someone has done magic or any tantric experiment on you and you are upset, you do not understand anything, then I am telling you some remedies so that you will know that tantric action, Whether sorcery etc. has taken place or not.

  • If your mind starts getting depressed and strange restlessness is happening, then tantric experiment is being done on you.
  • Opening of your sleep due to fear of deep sleep.
  • If there is any pain in the body or there is pain in the stomach and there is normal in the X-ray, then the tantric experiment is being done.
  • There is disease in the body and you are not getting cured with medicines and if you feel very hungry and feel like eating sweet, then a ghost is entering the body.
  • While eating, hair or pebbles started coming in the food.
  • Lamp’s shutting down during worship.
  • To find a body part of a bird with vermilion in the house.
  • To feel as if someone is following you or someone is standing behind you, then understand that some ghost is following you.
  • If any cat, bats, snakes are seen roaming in the house, then you are doing tantric experiment.
  • The sound of an animal crying as soon as it leaves the house.
  • The boiling of milk comes out not on the same day but many times.
  • If you find the sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemon and red vermilion lying somewhere in the house, then it is a tantric experiment.
  • A strange dirty smell from the house.
  • If there is no loss of mind in the house, if there is sadness in the house and if you are able to go outside, then a ghost is having an affair.
  • Hearing the sound of anklets or crying of a child at night.
  • The sound of a woman crying or laughing at night.
  • Something falling into the water while drinking water.
  • When both times are meeting, that is, the sun is hiding then the child becomes irritable or crying loudly.
  • Nervousness in the mind, perspiration on one’s own mind.
  • If your body starts feeling pale and feeling weakness, then understanding tantric action is showing its effect.
  • If there is needless fight-fighting in the family and in the mind of killing only the family members in the battle-fight, then the tantric action has reached the house.
  • A cow, buffalo or dog or any pet roast loudly or roam around in a restless state, if a ghost or a phantom is in the house.
  • To get turmeric stains on a cloth or to have some cloth burnt from the middle like someone has extinguished by putting a fire somewhere in the cloth.
  • Immediate death of a family member.
  • To get vermilion or blue colored hair somewhere in the house during festivals.
  • Not feeling like having food even after feeling hungry and having food in front.
  • Drying of plants in the house between 2 and 3 three.
  • Even in an environment of happiness, if you remain in sorrow, lack of mind and if there is something hidden somewhere in your mind, then you are going to understand that you are in possession of tantric influence.
  • To meet in the house with blueness on the cut lemon, as well as red cloth.
  • To get a severed body part of a bird.

The astrologer, pandit or any devotee of God does not perform tantric actions. Tantric experiments are mostly for harm, harming a person, or destroying a woman’s existence in the lineage, making someone sick in such a way that even a doctor Unable to cure it, taking someone to the door of death, etc., are mostly done by tantric rituals etc. God’s devotee, astrologer, Brahmaman etc. will only tell you about the path of God and his method will also be such that no animal or human gets any kind of trouble.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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