Cats Eye Gemstone Lehsunia

cats eye stone

Cat’s eye (Lehsunia) is the gem of the planet Ketu. Wearing bright, impregnated garlic jewels increases luck. A new task is created. Sorrows perish. Wearing gemstones with stains will always confuse the mind. There are diseases in the stomach. Police and prison visits have to be done. Wearing red or garlic with black mark causes pain like death.

  • If the Cat’s eye (Lehsunia) gemstone is placed on the bone, then after 24 hours the bone gets pierced.
  • Cat’s eye stone should be worn on Wednesday.
  • This gem should be worn on the junior finger.
  • After wearing this gem, a Brahmin should donate sesame, oil, blankets, clothes on Wednesday.
  • Lehsunia stone should be worn in a silver ring.
  • Cat’s eye gems should never be worn with rubies, pearls, topaz.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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