Coral Gemstone

coral stone astrology

The coral gem is of Mars. Wearing the best quality coral gives enthusiasm to work, provides benefits in diseases related to blood, man gets power and increases his luck.

If bad and scary dreams come, ghosts etc. are seen then you should wear bright red colored, thankless Coral.

It is called Angarak Mani, Coral, Vidrum, Latamani, Raktang in Sanskrit, it is called Munga in Hindi. Coral has been used in jewelery since ancient times. The Romans used to use it a lot and wore its amulets.

If the original coral gem is put in the blood, thick blood starts to accumulate around it. If the original coral gemstone is put into cow’s milk, then it looks like a reddish tinge.

On the Tuesday of Shukla Paksha, one should wear anamika finger in the morning during Mrigashir, Chitra or Dhanishtha Nakshatra. Coral gemstones should be worn in gold, silver or copper rings. After wearing coral gemstones, one should recite Mangal Stotra and donate items related to Mars planet.

Emerald, Diamond, Saphire  Zircon Gemstone should not be worn with coral gemstones. Song, Munga, red hawk, red zarkan, red turmeric are all gemstones after coral.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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