Easy ways to repay a loan

easy way to repay loan

It is very important for the family to be happy to live a happy life; if the family is not happy then you too cannot lead a happy life. To live a happy life, money is needed and business is needed to earn money.

If you want a good job, it requires good education and all this comes from money, so to earn money first money has to be put in the market. One has to take the risk, one has to accept the challenge, and one needs the strength to do something to become one. And to earn money one has to take loan many times in life.

We take loans in many forms such as for the house, sometimes a family member gets sick, for his treatment, for business, for children’s education, sometimes for his daughter’s wedding. We would have taken the loan but it becomes very difficult to repay it, many times the situation comes such that we are unable to repay the loan and get very upset, leaving home for fear of debt and running away or commit suicide. They poison their wives and children and then go on their deathbed so that they can get rid of this monster of debt.

Whenever we take a loan, the sixth house of our birth chart, the lord of the sixth house, will play an important role because the sixth house of the horoscope shows the debt, disease, hostility, mental appearance, job etc. Whenever the lord of the sixth house is suffering in his dasha-antardasha (Time Period) and the Ascendant is also afflicted and no auspicious planet will see him, then we will take the loan no matter what form it takes.

To pay off the loan, first of all you have to worship the lord of your sixth house in the horoscope, no matter who you are, for the peace of it, if the sun is there, you have to give water regularly to the sun god, if the moon is there, worship the Shivling, if Mars is there then Hanuman Chalisa is regular read both times, if are Mercury then worship Goddess Durga, if you have Jupiter, then you have to worship Vishnu, Venus, then you should fast for Santoshi Mata and if Saturn is there then go to Hanuman temple on Saturday and Tuesday. By doing this, the loan that you have will be eliminated. If faith, trust is too much on God, then you will never have to take a loan throughout your life.

Sometimes there is such a turning point in life that even though we do not want to take loan, we have to take too much and we have to say that the debt is too much and it is not taking the name of the end. If you have become very upset in life, then you go to the shelter of Thakur ji Shri Krishan Ji and offer two and a half kilos of laddus to Bhoga Thakur ji and distribute that enjoyment outside the temple. Eat with the members. Be careful to eat with the family. If any of our sisters, brothers, parents etc. are separated or live at the top of the house and their quarry is different, do not make offerings to them, you do not even know. Will know when your loan is gone.

Every morning and evening, wear clean clothes and tie down the red cloth from the navel, put a lamp of desi ghee and now with the confidence, the lesson of Sundarkand with confidence will remove your loan, all the problems of your home will also go away in life. There will be no crisis.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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