Emerald gem

emerald gemstone

The emerald gem is of the planet Mercury. Wearing emeralds with good luster and without blemish in every way leads to advancement in the field of education, advancement in the field of art, gain in business. Wealth increases. The memory becomes strong. Troubles of mind cease. The tension ends. The mind does not wander around. Strength comes to the body. Property increases. Wearing clean green emerald gemstone is very useful in insanity, epilepsy and psychiatric diseases.

Broken emerald gemstones should not be worn. Emeralds with dark black or red stripes should also not be worn. If a broken emerald is worn, then the person’s wealth is destroyed. The brain is destroyed. Children feel sad.

  • If the emerald gemstone is put in a glass of water filled with water, then green rays start coming out of it.
  • Emerald Gem should be worn on Wednesday of Shukla Paksha when Ashlesha, Jyestha, Revathi, Purva Phalgaluni or Pushya Nakshatra.
  • The emerald gemstone should be worn in a gold ring.
  • Peridat, Onix, Zaid, Hara Haqiq, Dana Firang are all above the Emerald Gemstone.
  • The emerald gemstone should be worn in the inferior finger of the right hand.
  • People of Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces are benefited by wearing emerald gems.
  • Never wear emeralds with coral and topaz gems.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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