Gemini Zodiac Sign


Alphabets for Gemini Zodiac Sign are: Ka, Ca, Ki, Ke, Ku, Cu, Koo, Coo, Gha, Yan, Cha, Chh, Kay, Kew, Ko, Co, and Ha.

The lord of the zodiac sign is Mercury. Gemini people are sociable and work together with others. These individuals are academic and scholarly. They do not do any work in a hurry. After thinking, we move forward.

It is difficult for you to trust someone suddenly in life, but once trust is formed, they believe in having a relationship throughout life.

These days new ideas are thought out and they cannot work by sticking to one place. These people are smart in conversation and also have business intelligence. They are fond of traveling and make new friends in the society. Their thoughts change according to the situation. If they get angry then later they repent. Their economic situation also changes and these people cannot collect much money. Nor do they desire to reach a very high position. The people of Gemini zodiac spend their life with laughter and happiness. These people mostly work in radio, Doordarshan, telephone exchange, transport, newspapers. Lecturers, lawyers, doctors, ambassadors are also formed. These people are particularly successful in salvation.

In office, these people cannot work sitting overtime. Laziness comes after working for a while during the day and then after moving around, talking and then sit on his seat and finish his work with speed. These people are not doodles. The means of income of these people are often more than one.

If this person is appointed as the manager of the company or office, then he hands over all the work to those below him and sits empty himself. Thus employees get a chance to move forward.

Due to the variable nature, these people are not stable in love affairs. They attract the opposite Sachs soon by their conversation. That’s why many love affairs go on. Lust is less in their love affairs. People living in studious knowledgeable Holi-day-mood, interested in art literature, raga-rang, find companions with changing ideas like themselves.

The women of Gemini are also friendly and fast in conversation. They also have a love affair with more than one person because they do not hesitate to talk to men in any subject, they are often misunderstood in their society. Gemini women can be more successful in office as receptionist, steno, typist or self-girls. Gemini people doubt their spouse. These people give each other some leeway in love affairs, so that there is no quarrel in the domestic life. These people seem to be much younger than their real age.

These people do not like to be in discipline themselves. Therefore, children are also given exemption from being under discipline, due to which the habit of the children can be deteriorated. They have more children.

People of Gemini can often get diseases like malaria, measles, pearl jhara, fragility of muscles etc. His colleagues, neighbors and in-laws keep trying to plot conspiracy against him.

Happy & Lucky day: Wednesday

Good score: 5

Good color: Green and light yellow.

Owner: Mercury

Zodiac element: Air

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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