Hand color and your future.

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According to Tantra mode, black color is of Saturn, orange color is of Lakshmi, purple color is of Saraswati, Black color is of Maa Kaali, golden Vishnu is of white-moon. The color of the deity with which the deity belongs to the person falls on the person. With the color of hands, knowledge of many things of any person’s life can be obtained. The colors of the hands reflect the truth, identity and nature of the person.

Black hand – There is only more anger in the black hand person. They are also harmful. Frustrated with life His life is a struggle. If there is a defect in their hand lines, then they are worried about their children. Focus is more on earning money. In odd circumstances, they also do unethical work for paddy. To carry out his work, he uses all kinds of things like sam-daam-dand-bhed.

White Hands– Such people are happy in their false praise. They are not tolerant. Individuals with such hands are more prone to selfish tendencies. If the nails are also white, there is a lack of mental balance.

Yellow hand– Success is found much later in the life of persons with yellow hands. One has to work hard for success. They are frustrated and unhappy with their lives. They do not get much love and affection from the family. They remain ill from time to time in terms of health. His wife / husband remain dissatisfied.

Pink hands– These people are just and beautiful. They are born in a rich family. They have more working capacity.

Women with pink hands are loyal and trustworthy. Their views are good and best.

Red hands– Such people lead happy and happy lives. These people do not get angry quickly, their body is bile predominant. They have to suffer bad habits and alcoholism in life. If their nails are red, the person suffers from blood loss.

Blue Hands – Blue-handed persons “consume intoxicants like liquor, Hashish, hemp, opium, etc. and trade snakes, Scorpion etc. Their lives are full of poisonous things.

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