Honeymoon – The first honey of the newly married

Honeymoon - The first honey of the newly married

The word honeymoon is derived from the English language. Some people call it a First Night of marriage but First Night of marriage is a small part of honeymoon. The honeymoon is called on the night of the first meeting of the husband and wife and the meaning of honeymoon is very broad, it lasts for several days. The word honeymoon is such an attraction in itself that the name of any young man and woman is lost in the depths of the ocean. In front of his eyes, a beautiful natural place, sea, mountains etc. come away from his place of residence. They think nothing but love, they get lost in a wonderful happiness.

According to Father Kamil, the honeymoon is called the time of honey month, mirth. Honeymoon is a time after marriage which is refreshed throughout life. The Vaccine Webster Dictionary has a honeymoon saying that honeymoon is a feeling after marriage that defines time spent away from their residence and mutual love and identity.

Honeymoon is not just an object of Job satisfaction. This means mixing the ideas of male and female brought up in different environments. It also gives information about their nature, principles, ideals, interests, family environment etc. Honeymoon is a great means of defining each other. Honeymoon is psychological rather than physical. In this, the men and women also test each other frantically.

According to Western civilization, people living in foreign countries go on honeymoon. If a foreigner does her second marriage to a young woman who has divorced her husbands five times, she too goes on a honeymoon.

If the couple adopt some precautions during the honeymoon, they can avoid various types of odd situations. What are the things to be kept in mind during honeymoon? How much and what should they eat? How should we live? What is the meaning of honeymoon and what is its definition? One must definitely know things like this.

Like abroad, the tradition of honeymoon has been implemented in India. Along with people belonging to the affluent class, now middle-class newlyweds are going on honeymoon. Honeymoon is a time of life that remains fresh and memorable throughout life. Every newly married couple must go on honeymoon and during honeymoon, remember the following things: –

  • When the first meeting of a man and woman takes place, then some rules, precautions should be kept in it.
  • At the time of honeymoon, in the absence of her husband, the wife should write a book, I love you or you are so sweet etc. And keep them here and there so that when her husband reads them, she will get mental joy.
  • During the honeymoon, the husband and wife should not wear dark colored clothes, they should wear light-colored clothes. More light and tight clothes will harm them mentally.
  • The location of honeymoon is a new experience for both the husband and wife, so for honeymoon, choose a place which is known.
  • Hotels should not be chosen in a secluded location. One should come to the hotel before it gets dark. One should not go far from the hotel in the evening.
  • All things related to hotel, food and drink etc. should be done according to the wishes of both the husband and wife.
  • In the morning the wife should get up before her husband. And after mild makeup, the husband should wake up from sleep.
  • During the honeymoon, both the husband and wife should live attractively.
  • During honeymoon, husband and wife should not bathe, brush etc. in front of each other.
  • Both the husband and wife should show the natural beauty of the surroundings, should eat in the afternoon with the desire of the charities, get 3-4 hours of sleep after lunch and eat dinner early.
  • During the honeymoon, it is often seen that the husband makes false praise in front of his wife, which later affects and he falls in the eyes of the wife.
  • During the honeymoon, the wife should save her husband from wasteful expenses, while shopping, he should buy something for his mother-in-law, brother-in-law etc.
  • Wasteful expenses incurred on honeymoon later cause discord. Therefore, it should be considered beforehand.
  • After returning from honeymoon, husband should send his wife to his maternal aunt for some time. Doing so keeps the love between the two. Love arises in the same way. This gives his wife physical and mental comfort.

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