How do ghosts enter the human body

How do ghosts enter the human body

Today in the scientific age, there is very little faith in Tantra Mantra and the faith that is still alive is changing in disbelief, but whether we believe it or not, it really happens, if any insane person whose If there is no treatment anywhere, if it is worshiped in the court of Shri Balaji Maharaj lawfully, then it is 100 percent cured, there is no doubt about it. Everybody knows that the day happens So it is also night. If it is sunny then there is shade, If there is love, then there is hate, Life happens then death happens, In the same way, if he is God, then there is also Devil.

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If a person is killed, an unmarried child, a young man dies before a conspiracy, a woman is burnt in fire, someone is fed poison, killing a child in the womb. If it is given, its soul is thirsty and hungry, it keeps wandering here and there. We call it evil spirit, demon, Vampire, Jeend etc. This evil spirit does evil deeds, it is to avenge his death. A person’s family members get sick, all their happiness and wealth etc. is spent on diseases, bad deeds can be done only when it is in a person’s body, so it keeps searching for people whenever If a person is ill, then this evil spirit tries to contact him, and after reaching his body, acts against his will or desire: –

  • If you see a man or woman of terrible nature while sleeping at night, then there is a phantom barrier on the person.
  • In a deserted place, at night, in the afternoon, near the graveyard or near the Peepal tree, if a person urinates and has a headache at home, so he should understand that a shadow of ghost has fallen on him.
  • After taking a bath in the canal, river, etc., then the health worsens and if nightmares are seen in the night, then one must understand that a bad soul has entered the person’s body. Click here to Donation
  • In the afternoon, a person passes through the middle of the street in hard sunlight and after some time, his feet or head starts to feel pain, then one should understand that the effect of phantom etc. has started on the person.
  • If there is restlessness, nausea or fever in the body after eating an Sugar candy or Holy offerings given by an unknown person, then the ghost has been affected in the person.
  • If the person comes from outside and gets to smell the fragrance, then no other person realizes it, then the person is cast as a ghost.
  • If there is a quarrel between husband and wife, and if one of them treats their life partner like a stranger, then one should understand that a ghost has been affected.
  • In a dense park, on a tree, on the banks of a canal, near a cremation ground, behind a temple, after coming from the terrace of the house, frightened the body, the woman with horrific nails sleeping in the night, the effect of any ghost on the person It is done.
  • After seeing the meaning of a person, if the color of the nails changes, there is a change in the voice, then the effect of the phantom has occurred in the person’s body.
  • If you stumble on a deserted road in a full afternoon and come home with fever, you should understand that the ghost has entered the body.
  • After eating a meal under a dense tree, a strange atmosphere comes in front of the person’s eyes, then his heart aches, and after three to four hours he gets a headache, then one should understand that the ghost of a mad woman over him Has entered the body
  • In the afternoon or at night alone, a person sees a runaway child wearing a thick black or white cloth and runs away and disappears near a tree, after which the person’s body starts to suffer, scary dreams start to understand. It is necessary that jind has entered inside the body.
  • After taking a bath in running water, a person’s neck becomes heavier and if the eyes become dark in front, then a ghost is affected.

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