How to control anger ?

Surefire ways to end anger

Anger is a human process. Anger comes to everyone but its nature is different. Many people have this problem that how to avoid anger? How to control anger?

Anger is very dangerous, the work done in anger is very frightening, it is more prone to damage. Words spoken in anger spoil the relationship.

There are some measures to keep anger under control, by doing this you can get liberation of this problem:

Red color is a sign of rage, so if you want to wear red clothes very rarely, then you should not wear them at all on Sunday and you should reduce the use of ginger and tomato on Sunday.

Daily, on an empty stomach, one should eat two apples without peeling, this keeps anger under control.

Everyday eating gooseberry jam or drinking gooseberry juice keeps the anger under control.

Before the sun rises in the morning one should wake up from sleep and bow to the Goddess Earth, this brings very little anger.

Eating vegetable of Palash leaves calms the anger quickly.

Moon should be seen every night. Greeting the moon reduces anger.

By observing the fast on Monday, anger quickly calms down and the person gets less anger.

If anger comes more then deep and long breath should be taken 5 or 6 times, anger will start to decrease gradually.

Drinking sweet milk, lemonade, lassi helps control anger.

Spicy things should not be eaten to end anger.

Do not expect more from any person because often people break the trust due to which the body starts getting excited and anger starts coming more.

One should go to the temple every day because going to the temple calms the mind and temper in the quiet mind.

Reading the Gita daily eliminates anger.

Being self-reliant on oneself provides relief from the disease of anger.

Applying meditation for 5 to 10 minutes daily eliminates anger.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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