How to do interfaith marriage ?

How to do interfaith marriage

Interfaith marriage, sometimes called “mixed marriage”, is a marriage between boy and girl professing different religions. Although interfaith marriages are most often contract as civil marriages, in some instances they may be contracted as a religious marriage. Nowadays people are getting married in different religions also. According to astrology there are many ways of do interfaith marriage.

If you want interfaith marriage then need to prepare yourself to follow the rules of another religion first after that you will step, because in many cases it has been seen that love ends in few days and responsibility comes and person gets bored with other religion and then person runs like his religion. that’s why if you want marry other religious so first you know complete information about other religious.

Interfaith marriages will successful or not ? In this behalf that we are telling you that the way how to your interfaith marriage will successful or not ?

  • According to your horoscope, if there is a malefic effect on the ascendant and the ninth house, then the person marry within other caste.
  • the lords of the fifth, seventh, ninth are affected by bad planets, then the person marry in another caste.
  • If Rahu and Saturn are sitting with the planet Venus or the planet Venus is being affected by Rahu and Saturn, then the person who loves the people of other caste, he marry.
  • If there is a malefic effect on the planet Jupiter, then the person marry in another caste.
  • If the planet Rahu is sitting in the fifth house, then the person marries in another caste.
  • If the planet Venus is in the fourth house and it is being affected by sin, then there is trouble in the married life of the person.
  • Even if the Moon is afflicted by the planet Saturn, marriage takes place in other castes.

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