How to get my love?

How to get your love

Everyone wants love whether it is animal or human. Love is a feeling as if the fragrance emanating from the flowers is not seen but only felt, love is also a means of feeling. If you love someone selflessly in life, then you will feel yourself that you have changed. Love is the gift that can be given or taken, in the state of both, one experiences joy.

According to some scholars, love is divided into several parts like physical love, friendship, relationship, romantic desire etc. Where love is selfless, the basis of love is also formed, such as biological basis, psychological basis, evolutionary basis etc.

Everyone wants love, but it is not necessary to get love, if you love someone, it does not mean that the person in front will love you because love is the way of the mind and it is the way of husband and wife that will build society. But nowadays the definition of love has changed. A boy and a girl also love; If someone’s love is momentary, someone’s long, someone gets his or her own. Gives up on the way Astrology becomes the guide to turn this defeat into victory and to curb the problems going on in the marital life.

If there is selfless love between husband and wife, then that house becomes heaven and if there is no sign of love, then there is a place of discord. If there is no harmony between the husband and wife and there is a lot of tension and problems building up in the marital life, then such a couple should put a picture of Radha-Krishna in their bedroom. The picture of Radha-Krishna will awaken the feeling of love in the husband and wife because Radha-Krishna is the ideal of love and they are worshiped even if the picture of Radha-Krishna is seen every day, then even for the life-partner, love in the mind There is communication and to shower love in married life, a flute and betel should also be offered in the temple of Shri Krishna.

Unmarried girls should fast for sixteen Mondays to get the desired groom or fast for Monday until the marriage takes place.

From the astrological point of view, a husband and wife should never talk about another man or woman in bed because it has a negative effect in married life.

If love is coming to a hitch in marriage or marriage is not happening or there is no love in the life of the spouse, then by chanting the mantra ‘ ॐ क्लीं कृष्णाय गोपीजन वल्लभाय स्वाहाः ‘ in front of him, bring a picture of Radha-Krishna and solve all these problems.

If there is a failure in the love marriage, then every Friday, going to the temple of Radha-Krishna, offering flowers and offering mishri, offering success in love marriage is successful.

On Amavasya and Saturdays, lovers and girlfriend should not meet, because they meet on Saturday and Amavasya, there is a possibility of dispute between them. But on Friday and full moon day, husband and wife should meet that if possible, on this day, they should eat at a restaurant, hotel or go out for a walk, doing this increases the attraction in both of them and removes the complaints.

The red flag is offered to Goddess Durga in love and Goddess is pleased with the husband and wife due to which the discord in married life ends.

Never give black colored gifts to your spouse or boyfriend / girlfriend. Giving a pink, yellow, red or golden colored gift increases love.

Love is the product of the mind, so the most important thing is that one should try to understand the mind of his life-partner. If one is angry, the other should calm down. Wife should not talk loudly to husband and husband should respect wife, only then married life can be sweet.

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