How to live life?

How to live life

Everyone wants to live life, but not every man lives. There is also a way to live life, there is a rule, there is a style. Go to office every day, earn rupees, come home, eat food with family, sleep in the night and then the same routine in the morning.

To live life first of all you have to choose your body and clothes. From shoes to hats should be preferred. It is not that I bought a T-Shirt and spent 6 months wearing it! This is not living, it is helplessness. Spend every day like a life, because if this time has passed then you will not come back again so live each moment with happiness.

Many people whispering, they enjoy it, they love to do evil to others, then one feels very happy to hear the evil of others. Whereas karma is spoiled by someone’s cheating, doing one’s evil, our virtuous deeds perish, so never do any evil, do not cheat someone while living in human life.

There is an Indian story of a husband and wife. The husband was a government employee and the wife is housewife, they had many children, all of them were married and all were set in their respective works. The husband had retired. One day after retirement, the husband said to his wife, “You listen to me, you remember when we were married, we went to London for a honeymoon.” Wife started saying – Yes, I remember. The husband said – Our honeymoon was incomplete at that time, why not now we went to London on honeymoon. The wife said – well, as you say.

The husband and wife went for a London honeymoon at the age of 60. When London arrived, the husband stayed the whole night in the hotel room and made a plan to visit London in the morning. When both husband and wife left for London in the morning, the husband was shocked! what is this ! It is no longer the same thing that was 30 years ago in London. How nice London was 30 years ago, how beautiful each view was, how much was the movement! There was a bit of an upheaval in London but till now London is a bit tired. London now looks like dull, now in London it is not like what it was before! Now London has changed.

Wife heard this and started laughing, husband said why do you laugh? What did i say wrong Wife said – No, did not say wrong, you are right. But London was as beautiful as it is now. The husband said – So now in this London, that zeal, that joy, why is there not that juice? Wife said – Earlier when we came to London on honeymoon, we were young at that time! There was a feeling of youth in us, both of us were young at that time, whatever we eat used to digest, both of us used to run and climb on the mountain. Used to romance with the waves of the sea! At that time, we were not only celebrating honeymoon, but the whole London honeymoon was with us. It seemed that London was made for us. When both of us used to walk on the road with arms and arms, the sky also looked at us. The moonlight of the night gave us a bath with our light. At that time, dried flowers also smelled pleasant because we were young then. Now we are old, now we do not have the passion that was before, now we are tired, family and children bear the burden! Now it is not the former, now it is not agile in our body. So London makes us feel tired because we are tired. Our body can no longer do the romance that we used to do in our youth. When we came to London for honeymoon in the days of youth, you left the honeymoon in the middle due to the office’s urgent work and we came back to India. And today when we have come to celebrate honeymoon at the age of 60, will it be fun?

If you do not live moments like honeymoon in time, then you have spoiled the happy moments of your life. If you feel like eating radish parathas, then eat, if you do not eat radish parathas today, then tomorrow when radish parathas are available, then you will not have teeth in your mouth and intestines in your stomach, then how will you be able to enjoy eating parathas of radish. Some people have a big problem, they say, they will do this work tomorrow! And it never comes tomorrow. If you want to enjoy wearing clothes, then in youth, in youth you will also be beautiful in a nappy. Do whatever you want, because after the time is over, only regret will be there. Nobody’s life is permanent. Whoever is born will have a definite death. When death is to happen then why not enjoy the joy of this body, this youth, this life? The responsibility of household and family is above all, everyone worries about the education of children! If you look at it in your life, then you will get worry only! You are in that deep abyss of life where worry never ends, if one worries, another will come! It will continue like this. You will die, but the work of home family will never end. Therefore, one should enjoy life once before death.

Nobody remembers anyone after they die! How much do you remember your grandfather’s grandfather? You won’t even remember his name? So enjoy each day like a life, live like happiness because one evening in your life will be such that it will never be dawn, yes it will be morning but you will not be, and this world used to go like this before you came. And even after you leave, the same thing will go on, you will not be in this world, so give full time for your honeymoon and live each day in life like a honeymoon.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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