How to see paternal defect (Pitra Dosh)

How to see paternal defect (Pitra Dosh)

People who have paternal defect (Pitra Dosh) in their horoscope have to face many types of problems. Disease never goes away from their house, some member of the family remains ill, if not sick then there is discord in the house. Let us know what are the symptoms of Paternal Defect (Pitra Dosh):

  • People who have paternal defect in their horoscope, there is a problem of children, children are not born and if children are born, then some of them do not live long or the children are retarded.
  • People who are suffering from paternal defect, such people always have shortage of money. There is a loss of money in one form or the other.
  • There are many problems in the marriage of the children of that house where there is Pitru Dosh.
  • In a house with Pitra Dosh, there is always a quarrel in the family for one reason or the other. There is estrangement among family members.
  • A person suffering from Pitra Dosh is repeatedly and for a long time lying in the affair of the court cases.
  • A person with Pitra Dosh keeps fighting with his father.

Remedies to remove paternal defect (Pitra Dosh)

  • On Pitru Paksha, one should offer tarpan to one’s ancestors every day. Pitrus are pleased to offer prayers with flowers including water, barley and black sesame seeds and Pitra Dosh is removed.
  • On the date of his death in Pitru Paksha, Shradh should be done in his name. In this, a Brahmin must be given food by making food of the choice of the ancestors.
  • Chanting Shrimad Bhagwat Katha, Geeta, Garuda Purana, Narayan Bali, Tripindi Shradh or Mahamrityunjaya Mantra in the name of ancestors in Pitru Paksha is considered best.
  • Water should be offered to the Peepal or Banyan tree regularly during Pitru Paksha.
  •  Cow, dog, crow, god and ant should be fed food.

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