If you have Vastu faults at home, do this remedy.

Vastu Dosh Home

Problems start happening in the life of a person due to Vastu Dosha at home, so Vastu Dosha should be resolved soon.

Vastu dosha is eliminated from home by adopting any one of these measures:

One should recite Shri Ramcharit Manas daily in the house, by doing this the Vastu Dosh in the house is eliminated.

Vastu Faults is eliminated by doing kirtan for 9 days in the house.

If there is a Vastu defect in the house, it is advisable to fix it according to Vastu Shastra as soon as possible or sell it and buy another house or land. As far as possible, the constructed house should not be sabotaged.One should not sabotage as this does not eliminate Vaastu Dosha. Vastu Shastra states that:

जीर्णं गेंह भित्तिभग्रं विशीर्णं तत्पातव्यं स्वर्णनागस्य दन्तैः।

गोश्रृडैगर्वा शिल्पिना निश्चयेन पूजां कृत्वा वास्तुदोषो न तस्य।।

When the house is old, when the wall collapses or is dismantled, it should put the gold-coated Nagdant (ivory) or cow’s horn in that place, doing so does not cause Vastu defects.

It has come in Skandpuran that the sage Katyayan built a pilgrimage called ‘Vastu Pad’ in Hatkeshwar-Kshetra and worshiped Vastu there with Vishwakarma. Forty-eight deities are worshiped in that shrine.  The stones, sick posts and Kuvastujanit doshas in the house are erased by going to that shrine. From the point of view of crafts etc., even after finding a defective and disturbing house, if a person gets the coincidence of that pilgrimage, then from that day his house begins to rise.

Make a swastika symbol from Vermilion above the main gate. This sign should be nine fingers long and nine fingers wide. This sign can be made wherever there is Vastu defects in the house.

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