Illegal Relationships

Illegal Relationships

Illegal-relation is that sweet poison of India which openly pollutes the soul even in the body. Illegal relation means not only the body but the mind, words, deeds and blood by contaminating the entire past, present and future. Simultaneously, children and family make humans despicable and bring disgusting karma in the path.

No one is to blame for this; an illegal relationship is formed with both men and women. Married or unmarried, any man or woman, who establishes sexual relations with anyone other than their spouse, is counted in an illegal relationship, not only is the woman responsible for this, but the male class has a special hand in it, but the man’s illegal The woman plays an important role in the relationship, it is not easy to accept this truth because the truth is very hard.

When a man tries to seduce a woman with deceit, evil policies and crooks to establish an illicit relationship with another woman, then if the woman wants at that time, no man of the world should take her on any other path against her mind. It can be known, this power is spread in the female race automatically, but understanding it or not, it depends on different women, yet many times such situations arise that the man goes into contact with another woman or The woman starts wanting with another man, it is directly related to the husband’s or wife’s sexuality, love and acquiring worldly things.

It is directly related to sexual desire, due to the lack of love and respect by the husband, many women want the company of a great man so that they can express their feelings in their minds, by taking advantage of this opportunity many men of evil tendencies will be able to express their femininity. Dissolve and form an illicit relationship.

Sex is also an important part of the body and life, it is also important to satisfy it, but by mixing the juice of love with the fulfillment of lust, it creates ‘yoga’, which creates the creation, so both the husband or the wife of their spouse Together with love in marriage life should also build love, understand each other’s pain and feeling. Even if neither of the husband or wife is successful in one sexual act, even if there is love in both of them, their pure love can conquer sex and curb the illicit relationship like poison.

Clarity is also found in astrology on the subject like illicit relationship. Moon is a factor of mind and sex awakens from mind. The lord of the lagna proclaims the body. The fifth house is the lover and the seventh house wife and Venus is the factor of enjoyment, Saturn, Rahu, Mars and the fifth house, lord of fifth house , twelfth house and if the lord of any kind is related to each other in the horoscope. They make some kind of illicit relationship before or after marriage. If you are sitting with Saturn and Moon at the seventh house in the horoscope, then the person suffers mentally while also having a love affair.

I am mentioning some astrological yogas whose birth chart indicates the illegal relationship of the native and being sexual:

  • If Saturn and Venus are sitting together in the horoscope, then someone else in the marital life tells.
  • The combination of Saturn, Venus and Mars in the fifth house creates an illicit relationship.
  • The presence of Venus with Mars in the Aries or Scorpio zodiac creates a closer relationship with a woman.
  • If Venus is placed in the second position from the moon in the horoscope, then ‘Sunfa Yoga’ is formed, such a person attains material happiness, her beauty is attractive, and there is a strong possibility of physical connection with other women.
  • If any lord of the second, sixth and seventh house is in the ascendant with Venus, then the character of the person is doubted.
  • If Sun and Venus are sitting together in Pisces ascendant, it makes the person extremely sensual, his illicit relationship is formed and the satisfaction of such a person’s sex is not immediate.
  • If Mercury and Venus are sitting together in the seventh house then the native adopts new methods for illicit relations.
  • The work of Saturn, Mars and Venus is closely related to lust. If Saturn and Mars are together on the seventh house in the horoscope, then the native is homosexual. If this combination is on the eighth, ninth, twelfth house, then the native has an illegal relationship with his elders.
  • If the sight of Mars and Rahu is on Venus, the person is sensual and wanders his mind to have an illegal relationship.
  • If there is influence of Mars Venus on Jupiter in the lagna, fourth, seventh, tenth house and Rahu on the moon, then the person violates all boundaries to make an illicit relationship.
  • The presence of Saturn in the Ascendant gives more sex to the native; Being Saturn in the fifth house attracts the native to have an illicit relationship with women.
  • If Saturn is with the moon in the seventh house and the sight of Mars, the native is prostitute. In this yoga, if Venus is formed by the relation of sight or union, then the illicit relationship becomes certain.
  • If the Moon is sitting in the horoscope anywhere on the lower side and it has a sinful effect, then the native makes illegal relations with his servant / maid. Here, if the moon is corrupted and located in the ninth house, then the native is illegal with his teachers or his elder’s builds relationships.
  • Mars shows blood, the conjunction of Mars with any sinful planet in the horoscope is in the seventh house or the sun is in the seventh house and Mars is in the fourth place or Rahu in the fourth house, then the person acts like an animal blinded by sexuality.
  • Rahu in the eighth house makes the native’s relationship illegal.
  • Four planets in Libra zodiac together create a clash in the family of the native, due to which the native forms an illicit relationship outside.
  • Saturn being in the tenth house creates contradiction in the mind of the native. If the conjunction of Venus and Mars is anywhere in the horoscope and Saturn is in the tenth house, then the person is also knowledgeable and his work takes lust and illicit relations seriously, his mind is not able to remain stable, Sometimes he becomes knowledgeable, sometimes he becomes a slave to illicit relations.
  • If the Mercury and Saturn are related to the seventh house, then such people are dull and unworthy in sexual activities.
  • Being in the seventh house of the Sun generates a clash in the married life of the native, disturbed by this, the person makes an illicit relationship.
  • In the seventh house, Rahu and Venus or Rahu and Moon are combined and Jupiter is situated in the 12th house, then after marriage, illegal relations are formed in the offices.
  • If the combination of Mercury and Saturn is in the twelfth house, the person becomes a patient of premature ejaculation and in this yoga, if there is Rahu in the Ascendant, seventh and eighth house, then the person destroys his youth and his spouse will have physical fulfilment from any other is.
  • Mars, Venus and Venus enjoy twelfth and important role in illicit relation. If Mars, Venus and twelfth position are related to the seventh house, then the person is dissatisfied and has illicit relationship with many women. If the sum of these three is in the fourth or twelfth house then the person is extremely sensitive and makes more illicit relations by sacrificing dignity in his life.
  • If the Lagnesh is located in the eleventh and has a sinful effect on it, then the native makes illicit relations for the fulfilment of unnatural sexual activities.

Moon, Mars, Venus, Rahu, seventh house, fifth house and twelfth house in the horoscope create illicit relationship. Mars is a factor of physical strength and also shows the relationship that is formed after marriage. Venus itself is indulgent, attracts opposite sex and others, arouses libido, gives romance. Saturn also gives disinterest, also acts as a factor of illicit relationships in criticism and yogas, yet one should observe auspicious planets in the horoscope, and other yogas before looking at the yogic aspects of illicit relations as this happens many times. Illegal relationship is being formed in birth chart, but at the same time there is also the possibility of husband / wife / wife in the horoscope, out of these two yogas, the person who will be strong will be the same. While the combination of Venus and Sun gives adultery to a person in the lagna, the combination or sight of an auspicious planet destroys its adultery yoga. In the same way, the conjunction of Mars and Venus also gives love in place of illicit relationship in the fifth house; therefore, after thorough inspection of the horoscope, you should make an order.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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