Kangana Ranaut Birth Chart, Horoscope, Astrology and Prediction details


Kangana Ranaut is an Indian and famous actress. Kangana Ranaut has become the queen of Bollywood after tremendous performance in the film Queen. Today, everyone recognizes Kangana Ranaut. Kangana Ranaut won the Best Actress Award for the film Manikarnika and Panga during the 67th Film Festival.

Kangana Ranaut is born in Pisces Ascendant in Himachal Pradesh. Her birth sign is Sagittarius. Due to being born in Pisces Ascendant is courageous and fearless. her started his acting career with the theater group. Being a Pisces Ascendant, you are the master of versatility. Has the ability to make the right decisions. She is combative and fearless. She will have special interest in history and craftsmanship.

Kangana Ranaut Horoscope

23 March, 1987 7.00AM Bhambla, Himachal Pradesh

According to the horoscope, you can refute your own thing, due to which people will get confused. Due to Pisces Ascendant, your height will be less than normal. As you get older, the fat in your body will keep climbing. Congrats on your face.

The Sun planet is in Pisces Ascendant. In his horoscope, the Sun is a sinful planet. Due to the planet Sun, they will have many enemies who will always be ready to harm them. Due to the planet Sun, they will conquer all their enemies. Due to the planet Sun, there will be an attractive personality. The planet Jupiter is sitting along with the Sun, due to which ‘Hans Yoga’ is created in his horoscope. Because of ‘Hans Yoga’, she will lead a very rich life.

Due to the moon, Shadashtak Yoga is being formed in her horoscope. Due to this yoga, Kangana will get all kinds of happiness in her life. But there will be mental stress about their child once Kangana will also get miscarried. Due to the moon, it will be the best in its family. She will also receive honors and awards by the Government of India.

She will go with her entire family on a religious journey during the moon time period. Since the moon planet is the owner of their fifth house and is sitting in the Sagittarius zodiac sign in the tenth house, it will be successful in the field of politics through its intelligence. Through their intelligence, they will collect a lot of money.

In the coming time, they will get headache disease. High blood pressure will occur. Diabetes is also very likely. Marriage will be delayed, after marriage, there will be estrangement from husband. People will see love in husband and wife but both will not trust each other. Due to Mercury planet, they will also be opposed in society once.

Jupiter planets are very good for them because of Jupiter, Kuldeepak Yoga, Kesari Yoga, Hans Yoga, Padmasinhasan Yoga are made in their horoscope. If this horoscope is correct, Kangana Ranaut will once again reach the height of success and retire.

After the year 2023, his luck will shine and his name will become famous in other countries besides the country of India. They have very secret enemies who will harm Kangana if given a chance. During the time of Mercury, they have to be careful otherwise there will be loss. Every day by reciting the Sunderkand, you will get out after getting stuck in the biggest problem.

Kangana Ranaut’s life will be fluctuating. They will have to face opposition once by the people. After getting success in films in India, there will also be offers of films from abroad.

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