Kankana solar eclipse 2019 (Surya Grahan)

Kankana solar eclipse

The name of this solar eclipse is Kankan solar eclipse. This year, the solar eclipse will last for about an hour and a half from 8 am on 26 December 2019. This eclipse will be visible all over India after noon. The pebble shape of this eclipse can be seen in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and southern parts of Karnataka.

Time and date of eclipse

26, December 2019 (Thursday)

Eclipse (Surya Graham) start     : 8.00 pm

Starting of Kankan      : 9.06

Paramgrass                : 10.48

Pebble ends            : 12.29

Eclipse ends at           : 13.36

The Eclipse scale       : 0.96

(Grahan ka Graasmaan) 

Eclipse duration will be    : 5 hours 36 minutes

Total duration of kankan will be 3 minutes 35 seconds

Donation, chanting etc. should be done at the time of eclipse. The scriptures state:

स्पर्शे स्नानं जपं कुर्यान्मधये होमं सुराचर्नम्।

मुच्यमाने सदा दानं विमुक्तौ सनानमाचरेत्।।

That is, during the solar eclipse, worship of Lord Sun, Aadityahraday Stotra (Hymn),Suryaashtakm Stotra, etc. Surya-Stotrs should be recited.

Cooked food, vegetables, etc. are contaminated in the kitchen, so Grass (Durva, Kusha) should be kept in ghee, milk, curd, lassi, butter, pickle, flour, etc. Objects do not get contaminated during the eclipse period by keeping grass (Durva, Kusha).

Eclipse period should not be seen with naked eyes. After the eclipse starts and ends it should not be bathed with hot water. Pregnant women, sick human beings, children, women can take bath with hot water. When the eclipse is going on, one should not sleep, do not eat, massage oil, should not coitus, should not bite nails, should not sew clothes, should not cut vegetables. Pregnant women should not leave the house. The temple gates should be kept closed at the time of eclipse.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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