Kirti Kulhari Astrology, birth chart, horoscope and prediction details

Kirti Kulhari astrology

Kirti Kulhari was born on 30 May 1985 in Capricorn Ascendant, in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. She is an Indian actress and made her acting debut in the 2002 film industry with Odia film Dharani. He has done many successful films and is also winning her acting in web series. Her father was a Commander in the Indian Navy. Kirti married actor Saahil Sehgal in 2016 and She announced separation from him on 1 April 2021.

He was born in Capricorn Ascendant. Saturn is the lord of Capricorn. Due to the influence of Saturn, it is highly ambitious and aspires to rule over others. Capricorn is also diplomatic due to Ascendant. Proficient in doing business. Quickly learns the weak side of enemies. Fully capable of adjusting with the circumstances and is perfectly adept at changing the life style in a timely manner.

Kirti’s birth sign is Virgo. Due to Virgo, she has a fickle nature but has a calm nature from inside. Being in the ninth house of the moon gives high education, so he has done post-graduation with a degree in journalism and mass communication.

Sun planet gives them long life. The child will be late in birth and will also have an abortion. The boy will be born in the first child. He will also work for the promotion of politics in the field.

Her horoscope has ‘Kuldeepak Yoga’ and ‘Gajakesari Yoga’ due to which there will be no shortfall in wealth etc. and the family name will be illuminated.

Due to Rahu being in the fourth house, there will also be a dispute with any director or filmmaker who will reach the court. Due to Mars, Sun and Mercury being in the fifth house together, they are also fond of cooking and badminton. Jupiter is also good to teach books due to being in the Ascendant. Kirti Kulhari is married to Sahil Sehgal in the year 2016.

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