Kumbhipakam Hell

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Brahmins are born from the mouth of Brahma, so they are worshipful. The Brahmin is soft, does not have any discrimination, he wants the welfare of all. The Brahmin is soft, does not have any discrimination, he wants the welfare of all. There is love in his heart. But this is Kaliyuga, so the feeling, anger, etc have become envious of the Brahmin.

The word coming out of the mouth of a Brahmin is true. The sin of killing a Brahmin is greater than all sins, its punishment is very high. Abusing a Brahmin, raising his hands, rebelling with him or torturing a Brahmin in any way goes to kumbhipakam hell.

Grabbing another’s land, cheating someone’s property in their name, grabbing land by serving in the greed of the land, somehow disputing the land with someone, like land, despite having someone else to drive their car Instead of parking your car and threatening him by force. Despite having the land to live, greed in one’s mind about one’s land. In any way, human beings who grab a little bit of land in any way, go to kumbhipakam hell.

A person harassing a Brahmin and seizing someone’s land is sent to kumbhipakam hell. kumbhipakam hell consists of sand and sandy soil. That sand is so hot that when you set foot in it, it starts burning. There are coals in this sand. As soon as we walk, the foot falls on one of the coals. The person, weeps, shouts with pain, blood starts coming out of his feet, the feet are on fire and there is untold pain. In kumbhipakam hell, sinful humans are walked on foot daily for many years and then cooked in hot oil. The torture of this hell is very harsh and there is no mercy in it.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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