Leo zodiac Sign


People with Leo sign are like leaders and their way of living, guarding, eating and drinking are of royalty. Due to their royal chic and royal expenses, their pockets are often empty. These people want others to respect them and bow down to them. It is nice to order them. These people want other people to be below or behind them in every task. This is why many people get annoyed with them often. These people like to be pleasant. Therefore, they can be benefited by a little flattery.

These people cannot live without romance. Their love affair goes on before marriage. These people will feed their beloved in the biggest hotel, will be flooded with gifts. But there is also a sense of envy in them. These people cannot afford to have their girlfriend flirt with someone else. These people will not let their wife do the job.

Leo women are intelligent, quick-witted, efficient in talking. These women sit in front of the mirror to decorate for hours. They need a house full of wealth and opulence. Wherever these women go to parties, they will become the center of attraction of the people. Because they are hungry for admiration, this is why they get along with men. But this does not mean that there is no love for the husband. Leo women also raise their children with great affection.

People of Leo sign have less children. These people become good soldiers, officers, managers, directors, I.A.S. Officers, actors, lecturers.

The officer or owner of this zodiac knows the qualities and demerits of his employees and also knows what work can be taken from whom. These people are the ones to remove the mistakes of the employees etc. and continue to teach them to work continuously. If this officer is not obeyed or an employee makes a mistake, then immediately he gets angry. Employees have to mold themselves as per the boss of Leo sign.

Leo zodiac employees are independent and do not want to work for others. These people soon reach the elevated position on the strength of their work. If their domestic life is miserable then it affects their career when they are disappointed. His fellow employees trust him soon and sometimes they become the leader of staff association or employee union. Workers under Leo, employees of Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini can make special progress. If their boss’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, Cancer or Capricorn then they will have to be disappointed.

Lucky Day             :  Sunday

Lucky Number       :  1 and 4

Lucky Color          :  yellow, golden and orange.

Owner                   :  Sun

Zodiac Element     :  Fire

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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