Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Zodiac

Alphabets for Libra Zodiac Sign are: Ra, Rha, Ri, Ree, Rhi, Ru, Roo, Rhu, Rey, Ray, Rhe, Ro, Rau, Rho, Rhau, Ta ,Tii, Tee, Thee, Thii ,Tu, Thu, Tho, Te, The, and Tay.

Libra people are idealistic and romantic type and hence quickly become popular in the society. These people are innovators of new ideas, not tolerating injustice, so many of these people become leaders.  Therefore, these people remain a little dissatisfied in the domestic life, because usually they do not find the wife favorable to their views. Therefore, there is a disparity in views. These people are great scholars and because of being entangled in books, they search deeply into some subject. Most of these people are philosophers, lawyers, professors, singers, art sellers, textiles and cosmetics merchants. These people are not in the right to collect money but spend money to get every happiness in life.

These people attract people of opposite sex quickly. These people have more than one love affair. These people should stay away from the beautiful. These people are the lives of parties.

Women of this zodiac like to work so that they can fulfill their needs. She wants to wear beautiful clothes, jewelery and keep the house decorated. So to buy these things, before marriage and after marriage, it is more like to do a job to earn money. These women do not like to fight. His beautiful nature, his scholarly behavior captivates others. These women provide complete happiness to their husbands and take good care of the children.

As bosses, these people live in harmony with employees and are not entitled to harm any employee. Librarians believe more in working as a team with staff. The feuds of the union that happened in them are less. Before taking any decision, consult your assistant. Yes, these people do take some distance in making any decision because they are of some dull nature.

As employees, these people deal with fights with their bosses. Therefore, many companions also become their enemies. These people are clear of mind. After doing a little entertainment after work, you are ready to do it again. If their boss is of Gemini, Aquarius and Pisces, then it is good for them. They are not formed with those of Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Lucky Day        : Friday

Lucky Number  : 6

Lucky Color      : Blue

Owner              : Venus

Zodiac Element: Air

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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