Moon planet

moon planet

Moon is the son of Maharishi Atri. The lunar deity has been called Sarvamay, because it is equipped with sixteen arts. Brahma has made Moon the king of beach, medicine, water and Brahmins. Prajapati Daksha has married 27 girls named Ashwini, Bharani etc. to Moon god. They are known as 27 Nakshatras. The lunar planets revolve with all these nakshatras and nurture all the creatures as well as perform festivals, treaties and different months.

The moon is white in color and its clothing is also white. Eyes are beautiful Height is high. His hair is curly. His chariot has three chakras and 10 white horses are engaged in this chariot. They have mace in one hand. These horses move according to the mind. The name of the moon’s son is Mercury, which originated from Tara.

There is also a Panchdash named Vedic of the moon. Because the moon weakens in 15 days and completes in 15 days. Moon is the Cancer sign of the planet. It is high in Taurus and low in Scorpio. The Sun and Mercury are its friends. Mars, Venus and Saturn are neither friends nor enemies. Goddess Parvati ji is the presiding deity of the moon and the pratidhi deity is Goddess Uma.

Nectarine Moon originated from the churning of the Kshira Sea. Moon is the sibling brother of Goddess Lakshmi. Moon planet is a factor of mind. The moon has a calm nature.

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