Nature of people identify with eyes !

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Eyes are the mirror of life. If there is no eyes, there is no color in life and there cannot be a beautiful and wonderful view of nature. The personality of any person can be known by the eyes. Love, hatred, motherhood, anger, vatsalya, compassion, kindness, etc. are known only by giving eyes.

If someone loves someone, they have a different glow in their eyes and often the beloved says:

जो उनकी आँखों से बयान होते हैं,

वो लफ्ज़ शायरी में कहाँ होते हैं।

And with someone else’s eyes, someone is also made like himself:

नशीली आँखों से वो जब हमें देखते हैं,

हम घबरा के अपनी आँखें झुका लेते हैं।

कैसे मिलाए हम उन आँखों से आँखें,

सुना है वो आँखों से अपना बना लेते हैं।।

Eyes depict the life of any person. Let us know:

  • Such eyes are auspicious if someone has deep and dark pupils.
  • If someone does not talk with eyes and eyes, then there is a thief in his mind.
  • People with brown eyes are clever and can cheat anyone for their own benefit at any time.
  • Even those with blue eyes are clever, they should be investigated before trusting them.
  • The natives with eyes like cat, peacock or chicken are deceived.
  • If a person’s eyes look like a fish, then understand that this person is fickle.
  • A native with honey-like eyes should be careful because such eyes destroy the family.
  • Natives with big eyes are good, they also help in times of need.

It has been said in the scriptures that:

पूर्णचंद्रमुखी या च बालसूर्य-समप्रभा,

विशालनेत्र विम्बोष्ठी सा कन्या लभते सुखम्।

या च कांचनवर्णाभ रक्तपुष्परोरूहा,

सहस्त्रणं तु नारीणां भवेत् सापि पतिव्रता।।

That is, the girl whose face is round like moon, body color is blond, eyes are slightly bigger and lips have a slight redness, then that girl enjoys all the happiness in her life time. If a woman whose body color is like gold and the color of hands is pink like lotus, then she is dominant among thousands of devotees.

  • The life of small eyelids is struggle.
  • The natives of those who blink the eyelid often have crookedness in their mind, they consider themselves very clever.
  • The natives who blink the eyelids are rich and calm in mind.
  • The eyes are deep inside, that is, if you look like you are tired of seeing, then such people are mystical.
  • Substances that are intoxicating in eyes are clever.
  • If you are afraid of giving the eyes of a person, then you should not believe in such people because such people are dangerous.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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