Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces Zodiac Sign

The letters of Pisces zodiac are; Tha, Jha, Ja, Ana, Di, Dee, Du, Doo, De, Day, Do, Dau, Cha, Chi, and Chee.

Pisces people are imaginative, shy, kind-hearted. These people live lost in their own thoughts and dreams and are less successful in practical life. They do not have the desire to earn a lot of money. We cannot deposit money anyway because there is a habit of spending too much. These people are moody type and while talking do not take care of what to say and which are not, due to which they regret later.

These people like to relax mostly and they get used to drugs like alcohol. So they should stay away from these things.

By the way, these people are honest but very emotional in nature and they should not say such a thing which hurts their heart. These people are ready to help the poor and grieving person at all times. If you need a loan, then ask the person of this amount for your pitiable condition and you will get a requisite. He is fond of eating and feeding good food.

This person is particularly proficient in art, science and literature. Many of these people become poets, musicians, writers and philosophers.

These people have often been seen unsuccessfully in the matter of love.

Women with this zodiac sign prove to be an ideal wife. People of this zodiac listen carefully to other person’s words. Even if you do not get a chance to say your thing. She is ready to serve her husband. They also take good care of the children.

Pisces people are seen very rarely as officers. Even if you become an officer, then those working under them care very little because people with Pisces zodiac are often not able to control them. Employees take undue advantage of them.

People in Pisces as an employee become popular because these people adapt themselves to all types of companies. The second reason is that his humility, sympathy and kindness fascinate everyone. Partner employees who are ambitious are not jealous of them and do not become a thorn in their path. If their officer is of Cancer, Aries and Scorpio, then they are good. If he is of Sagittarius, Taurus, Leo then he has to face difficulty.

Lucky Day:  Thursday, Tuesday and Sunday.

Lucky Number: 1,3,4 and 9

Lucky Color: red, yellow, pink and orange.

Owner: Jupiter

Zodiac Element: Water

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