Sagittarius zodiac sign

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

People with Sagittarius like justice, clear speakers, generous heart, happy mood. This person cannot lie, if he lies somewhere, then it is clearly known that he is lying. These people do not get carried away by emotions but do every work carefully. These people are optimistic and people like their friendship and conversation.

These people have a habit of doing something because they cannot sit down. Do everything quickly. If there is a dispute over something, it does not make it a matter of self-respect but they are ready to compromise. If they are told something wrong, they immediately get angry but after that they do not keep the feelings of revenge in mind. These people like sports. Religious tendencies also occur in them. These people believe in leading an independent life and do not give importance to customs. They try to stay away from their relatives because they do not like interfering with anyone.

In case of love affairs, they are very fast and before marriage they have many love affairs. This is not necessarily the most physical relationship. Yes, it can be said about them, Love will marry someone else, later marry someone else.

Sagittarius women also like to have a lot of freedom and are sociable, which is why people doubt them many times. Proves to be good as a friend. But take less interest in household chores. After marriage, if you give them some freedom, keep the faith and keep a maid for domestic work, then life can be good or else there can be estrangement. Growing up, these people become good sportsmen, clergy, philosophers, lawyers, tourists, politicians.

As an officer, Sagittarius people are successful and keep encouraging new schemes and their employees, but if he comes to know that an employee is cheating and manipulating him then quickly Will have to lose his job They are ready to listen to everyone.

As an employee, these individuals are quick to work happily. Go to any office today, people with this zodiac sign can help you find work. They have very few enemies in personal life. If their officers are of Aries, Leo, Gemini then the life of office is good. If they possess Scorpio, Capricorn and Taurus, then they will be less favorable to them.

Lucky Day : Wednesday and Friday.

Lucky Number: 3,5,6 and 8

Lucky Color: white, cream, orange, green and light blue

Owner : Jupiter

Zodiac Element: Fire

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