Shahana Goswami Birth Chart, Horoscope, Astrology and Prediction details

Shahana Goswami astrology, horoscope

Shahana Goswami is an Indian film actress. She was born on 6 May 1986 in New Delhi. She has also learned Odissi dance and has performed on large scales with her dance troupe. She was born in Cancer Ascendant. She was the house captain and sports champion in her school.

Shahana Goswami’s Horoscope

6 May, 1986 New Delhi

The Lord of Cancer Ascendant is the moon planet. Due to Cancer Ascendant, you will be loving and luxurious. You will be transformative and itinerant in life. Will not waste money but will be economical. You will have the best ability to receive things. You will listen to the words of others and will be able to solve any problem easily. People will face the ups and downs of life bravely, so people will respect you and consider you as their own.

In her horoscope, the moon is sitting in the ninth house in Pisces zodiac sign, due to which her fortune will gradually rise in films and will play a long innings in films. These will create a different identity in films, but they will get this identity after a long time. Due to the moon, they will get an opportunity to show their performances in Hollywood films. And they will benefit by traveling abroad. They will have to build a pond, temple, dharamshala in the name of their father and donor in their life, only then their fate will be made completely.

Sun planet is very good for them due to which Sun will give them happiness throughout their life. They will get the full wealth of the father. They have Mercury along with the Sun in their horoscope, due to which they will illuminate their family name.

Shahana Goswami will work together once with someone who will be harmed. Once a court notice will also be issued to them by the government, which will cause them problems.

Saturn is sitting in the fifth house due to which their marriage will be delayed. And they will have more girl children. The loan money given by them will be drowned.

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