Shraddha Kapoor Birth Chart, Horoscope, Astrology and Prediction details.


Shraddha Kapoor is an Indian film actress who is famous for her performances in Bollywood as an actress. She is the daughter of Bollywood’s very successful actor Shakti Kapoor who has been a villain and comedian in the Indian film industry for many years. Shraddha Kapoor made her film debut as a brief role in the 2010 film Teen Patty, and then made her first leading role in the teen drama Love Ka The End (2011). She gained huge recognition for playing the role of singer in the highly successful romantic drama Aashiqui 2 (2013), for which she received a Filmfare Award for Best Actress nomination.

She was born in Leo Ascendant. Due to being born in Leo ascendant, her personality will remain miraculous. You will be a freedom loving person and do not want to be under anyone. You will not like the constraints and restrictions at all. Her birth sign is Aries.

Sharddha Kapoor’s Horoscope

03 March 1987 at 18:00 in Mumbai

The Sun planet is the lord of Ascendant and is sitting in the seventh house in her birth chart, due to which Shraddha Kapoor will once attain a high position in politics. Since the planet Mercury is also sitting with the Sun, they will get more benefit from less effort. They will get success in films as well as they will also get benefit from the politics field.

The moon planet is sitting in their ninth house, due to which they will get father’s property. And it is due to father Shakti Kapoor that it is in the film line today. Since Mars is sitting with the moon, Shraddha Kapoor will have a lot of real estate. Mars is giving them complete happiness property. Due to Mars, it will live its life splendidly. They will get more money by working from the ground. In future, it will also act as real estate.

Being in the seventh house of Mercury planet, Shraddha will be married to a boy of her choice, but after marriage, she will also be estranged from her husband. For greater success in life, they will have to chant the Mahamrityujay mantra daily. Due to the planet Mercury, their attraction in their body will remain for life time.

Shraddha Kapoor has a bright future. If this horoscope is correct, then they will worry about their children. More wealth will come from property, but the marital life will not be more happy. She will continue to be successful in films and will also act in Hollywood. They will get success in the field of singing too but will not get much success.

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