Sunday fast story and method of worship.

Sun fasting story

The fast of Sunday should start from the first Sunday of the Shukla Paksha for a year or at least twelve fasts. On the day of fast, eat wheat flour bread, porridge made with jaggery, ghee, sugar at the same time in the evening.

Retire before bathing and wear a pure cloth before meals and chant a garland Om Hram Hrim Hrom Sah: Suryaya Namaha sun Beej mantra. (ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः)   After this one should recite the story of Sunday fast:

Sunday fast story

In India, there was a city of Kanchanpur, an old woman lived in it.

She regularly worshiped Sunday morning. She woke up early in the morning on Sunday, after leaving the house with cow dung, bathing etc. and worshiped the sun god and recited the story. On the day of the fast, there was a meal in the evening. With the grace of Sun, wealth and prosperity and prosperity began to dwell in the old house. All those worries had automatically gone away, but his neighbor started jealousy with him. The old lady did not raise any cow, so she used to bring cow dung tied in her neighborhood courtyard. Neighbor woman, thinking something, tied his cow indoors. Due to non-availability of cow dung on Sunday, the old lady could not take her patio. Due to not being able to leap the courtyard, the old lady did not offer the sun god and did not eat even that day itself. At sunset, the old hungry and thirsty slept. At night the Sun God appeared to him in a dream and asked him the reason for not fasting and not offering him enjoyment. The old lady spoke in a very compassionate voice about the tying of cows inside the house and not getting cow dung. The Sun God, knowing the cause of the trouble of his exclusive devotee old lady, removed all his grief and said, “O Mother! You worship and fast on every Sunday. I am very happy with you and provide you with a cow that will fill your house and courtyard with money. All your wishes will be fulfilled. I fulfill all the wishes of those who fast on Sunday. Infertile women attain a son by listening to me and listening to stories. There is a rain of money in the house of the poor. Physical troubles are destroyed. While fasting, the creature attains salvation. By giving such a boon to that old woman in the dream, the Sun God became incensed.

When the old woman woke up in the morning, she found the cow standing in her house, her calf was tied near it. The old lady was very happy to find the cow and calf and she tied the cow and the calf out of the house. The old age began to be spent very well in the service of the cow. When the neighbor saw the beautiful cow and calf tied to the old lady’s house, she was jealous and jealous. The next day, when the neighbor came outside the house, he saw that the old cow had given a cow dung, so he was surprised. She quickly took away all the cow dung and put her cow dung there. This sequence started happening every day, but the old lady did not know about it. When Sun God saw that his simple fool was making fool of his neighbor, then he started a very strong storm in the evening. Due to the storm, the old woman tied the cow and the calf inside. When the old woman woke up in the morning, she saw a cow dung near the cow. He was surprised to see this. The old woman now started tying the cow to the house every day. Seeing this, the neighbor got burnt badly. The neighbor went to the king of the city and complained to the king, that the old lady has a cow worthy of kings, which gives gold. The king heard this and asked his messengers to get the cow. The old woman kept unbroken fast in disconnection. On the other hand, the king’s palace was filled with cow dung. The king asked him to return the cow at night in the morning, the king did the same in the morning. At the same time, given proper punishment to the neighborhood. The king instructed all the townspeople to keep the fast. From then on all the townsmen started this fast.

By observing the fast, the king’s city was inhabited by every other happiness and prosperity and all started living happily.

In this way, whoever observes Sunday fast fulfills all his wishes and attains salvation.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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