The Effect of Breaking Glass.


The mirror is in everyone’s house and everyone looks at themselves in the mirror. The mirror is not just for looking at its image, there are many types of glass, such as phone glass, table glass, windows mirror etc. Once the mirror is broken it does not connect. Mirror break has not auspicious.

Let us know what happens due to the breakdown of the mirror:

  • If the mirror that sees the mouth is broken, then there is a lot of pain in the family, so immediately the glass should be pick & throw from the house.
  • If the glass of glasses breaks, there is loss of respect.
  • If the glass in the bedroom is broken then there are problems in married life.
  • The glass outside the wardrobe kept in the bedroom brings negative things inside.
  • The glass of the clock is inauspicious and if the clock glass is broken, then your time starts to deteriorate.
  • If all the family members see their image in the same mirror and that mirror is broken, then there are differences between the family members.
  • If the eating glass utensils are broken, then family members start getting diseases.
  • If the windows glass is broken, then bad news comes in the house.
  • If the table glass is broken, then there is an economic problem in the house.
  • If the glass of the television is broken, disturbances in the home environment begin.

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