The Relation of food in love

food in love

Love is selfless There is no limit to love. Regardless of love, it results in good results. Attraction is the first page of love. Love will increase the more you do it. The lover never asks his lover for anything. When someone is in love, it is with the waves of the mind.

When there is love, everything falls in love with it because love is an ocean, it is not limited, it is not fathomless. The lover is ready to leave everything. And when a woman falls in love, she becomes food in her love for which she loves.

Food is very much related to love; it is related to each other. That is why when you love someone, you call him home for food. Because how will one know love without feeding. He who loves you a lot makes food for you. If the devotee loves God, he himself makes food for God.

Food is not just to fill the stomach but to satisfy the mind. If there is no love in making food, then it is not food, it is only a substance to fill the stomach. The love or anger that occurs in the mind while preparing food enters the food through hands. While preparing food, the body as well as the mind should be pure.

When a woman cooks food for her lover, there is not only food, she also has endearment.  Hotel food cannot be loved. The body will be satisfied with the hotel food, but the soul will be left empty somewhere.

Food should be eaten in solitude and should not sit and eat with everyone because eating the food which is made for you brings strength to your body, and this body moves with strength. Just as the mantra is chanted in the mind, it is done in solitude, there is no chanting of mantra in front of everyone, so the type of food is also done in solitude because there is power in both food and mantra.

In this country, thousands of years ago, we had realized that love is essentially a part of food and therefore not to accept food where there is no love. If your wife is cooking food in anger, do not accept that food. If you are cooking food, do not cook in anger, because when food is cooked in anger, it becomes toxic. Today there will be no result, tomorrow there will be result. There will be no tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, poison will gather. When you sit to eat, if you are angry, do not eat. Because when you are full of love, only then you are able to take the love flowing from outside.

There is no hope that their love can flow in pain and pain, so it is not right to cook food in that watch. Food made in that hour will become toxic. Experiments have also been done on this.

He has conducted experiments in Dillabar, an England laboratory. If a woman who is very painful during menstruation, has a lot of pain in the stomach, if she takes the rose flower in her hand at that time, then the rose flower dries twice as fast. When the same woman is not in menstruation, then takes the rose flower in her hand, then if it takes an hour to dry, it takes an hour to wither, then it fades in half an hour during menstruation. So the waves reach the rose flower. So the waves will descend in the food as well.

This who we are is not only the body, we are also the soul. So the soul will also have some food, like the body has some food. That is why there is such a longing for love. The man remains hungry, but does not live without love. A man may remain poor, but cannot live without love. Live without money, be poor, but do not live without love.

There is a deep thirst for love. That thirst is telling so much that the soul is somewhere insatiable. The soul did not get what it wanted to meet, the soul did not get food.

Food made with love is cultivation, a penance that is given by God to God as a God gift, because each woman has the ocean of motherhood, so the food prepared with happiness brings happiness in the family.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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