The secret of alliance (Gathbandhan) in marriage!


During marriage ceremony, the corner of the groom’s patka and a corner of the bride’s chunari or sari are tied together, which is called alliance. The alliance is accompanied by the pronunciation of mantras. While combining these five items namely Coin, Flower, Turmeric, Durva and Rice (Akshat) is tied between the bride’s chunari or sari and the groom’s scarf.

The alliance rites in marriage are the bond of life of bride and groom. As soon as the alliance is made, the planets of both, ethics, rituals, union of the two families, life’s ways are also aligned. With the alliance, the bride and groom take the form of husband and wife and become fully bonded with each other and fulfill each other’s goals and become complementary to each other.

At the time of the alliance ceremony, the 5 items which are tied to the bride & groom’s stole are tied coin, wreath, turmeric, durva and Rice (akshat). The first coin in it is a symbol of money which states that both will have equal rights over the money. The flower is a symbol of happiness and good wishes. Flower shows that the husband and wife will go on a journey of life together happily. Turmeric gives health, before marriage, there is a ritual of turmeric on the bride and groom. While turmeric gives ooze and vigor to the body, it is also beneficial for health, so turmeric is kept in alliance, which is physical in the life of the bride and groom and develops mental health.

The Grass (durva) is always pure. The Grass (durva) is never automatically destroyed. If the grass is poured over the water, then the grass  becomes green again, so the grass is a symbol of purity and divinity, so the door of love and intimacy in the life of the bride and groom. Grass (Durva) is used in alliance so that it remains and their lives are always green. The use of the last fifth item Rice (Akshat) is a symbol of age and wealth. By using Rice, there is no need of anything in the marital life and the blessing of both the husband and wife to live for the full time is Rice (Akshat) form.

 Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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