Today’s Horoscope 09 August 2023, Wednesday

Today horoscope


Today, due to dilemma, you yourself will spoil the work done due to mental restlessness. People will do evil behind the back on the social sector. There will be ups and downs in health due to mental pressure. The elders of the house will be angry with you.


Today, keep a check on the tendency of running after money, otherwise there will be loss of respect along with money. After this time will become unfavourable. Competitors in work business will try to obstruct your work in every way. There will be a quarrel with family members even on trivial matters. Exercise restraint with speech and behaviour.


Today profit opportunities will be in your search. Whoever you will be in contact with throughout the day, will definitely get some benefit. There will be happiness and cooperation of the female class. There will be closeness in love affairs. Today there is every possibility of getting money.


Today’s work will be successful. Most of the tasks will be completed with little effort. Officers will cooperate in difficult tasks. Hope of success will arise in government work also, keep trying. Do not take small things to heart in married life, the situation will be normal. Will get some sad news from friends.


Today will also be a promising day. The cooperation of brothers and brothers will be relatively less today. Except women, other members of the house will be jealous of you. The idea of buying a new house can be formed. There is every possibility of getting the old work stopped.


Today is going to be contrary to expectations. Thoughtful plans will be seen to be successful in the beginning but till the middle they will lead to disappointment. Whoever you ask for help today will keep you in a state of confusion. Today, do your work by being self-reliant. There can be differences with partners regarding money. Even if you have a sweet demeanor, people will only use you to get things done. By taking out the anger of the work area at home, the atmosphere of the house will also deteriorate unnecessarily.


On this day, you will work only carefully, yet there will be doubt in success. Due to lack of practicality, you will not be able to get as much benefit as you should. There will be incidents of unnecessary discord at home or outside. Due to the arbitrariness of colleagues in business, there will be inconvenience and chaos, but still you will earn money worth spending with your own might. There is a need to keep silence in order not to create trouble with the neighbours and brothers, yet women will spoil the things made according to their nature.


Stay away from unethical activities on this day, due to confusion the mind will wander in prohibitive activities. Due to the rude behaviour of colleagues in the work area, you will have to depend more on yourself. There will be occasions of long journey, if possible, avoid it today. There can be stomach or breathing, chest related disease. Unnecessary expenses will increase in the family, opposing someone’s mistake will also cause unnecessary discord.


On this day, you will work wisely, but the situation will hinder your work in every way. The mind will start getting bored with work business, keep working patiently, you will definitely get satisfactory benefits till evening. Your views on family and social sector will be appreciated but only for behaviour only. Do not argue with anyone regarding financial matters, there is a possibility of money sinking. Love and affection will be found in the householder, but the feeling of selfishness will also be more. Women will suffer from the problem of speaking more.


Today will be a very busy day. There will have to be a sudden change in business plans. In the beginning of the day, the pace of work will be slow, business relations can get spoiled due to not fulfilling the promise on time. There will be more monotony towards work. Will not be able to take concrete decisions about any work, but whatever work you invest in, you will definitely succeed in that, even after delay, money gain will also be according to need, but do not do any work related to money after evening. Relatives will be unhappy with your evasive behaviour.


Today will be a prosperous day from the economic point of view. There will be happiness throughout the day if money related problems are solved to a great extent. After the initial hard work from the work business, the inflow of money will start from the afternoon, which will continue intermittently till the evening. Due to being frugal, we will spend accordingly and the money fund will increase. Women will be excited by the fulfilment of any wish. Today it will be easy to extract any work from the women’s class, they will not be able to refuse.


On this day, you will not be in favour of running too much for any work. But women will be on the contrary, they will blame fate for working with meagre means. The pace of business will change every moment due to which there will be no time to sit comfortably. Will be sad remembering some old incident. Sudden increase in family expenses can disturb the budget.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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