Urvashi Rautela Astrology, birth chart, horoscope and Prediction details.

Urvashi Rautela astrology

At the age of 15, she became Miss Teen India, at the age of 17, Indian actress Urvashi Rautela, who won titles like Miss Asian Supermodel India, Indian Princess, Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International World 2011, was born in the beauty of the planet Venus and it happened in the time period of Ketu.

As Taurus Ascendant and Ascendant Venus has central influence on ascendant as well, due to which the person is giving Venus in the life of happiness by making him to find happiness in every work. It is due to Venus that she is fond of beautiful clothes and jewelery and due to this, interest in fashion etc. has arisen since childhood and today she is in the field of acting.

Urvashi Rautela Horoscope

25.02.1994 at 12.00 pm Kotdwar, Uttarakhand

In the horoscope of Urvashi Rautela, Ketu is situated in Taurus ascendant, Ketu is a shadow planet and it is of low zodiac sign in Taurus, so it is not very auspicious. He was expelled but Venus had Mahadasha, so again he won in 2015.

Established ‘Urvashi Rautela Foundation’ to do public and social work, because the moon is located in the fourth house leo zodiac, although the moon lions remain in the zodiac sign, yet Urvashi Rautela connects in social work and is also writing and writing writers. Due to this, in the coming time, along with acting, we will also do the work of writing films etc. and fashion, ready-made garments Etc. The business will also be simultaneous.

Sun is the “Rajayoga factor” in Urvashi’s horoscope, although Venus has a hostile relationship with it, yet it is Digbali (powerful). In the coming time, a political party will also have a speaker if worshiped in the morning with a turban, cloth, cap etc. on the head, then high in politics will also get the post. Saturn is making “Shashyoga” here along with the Sun, while Mercury is also creating the “Padinhasan Yoga”, which will make the owner of the parents’ property and spend their money in buying land and will keep Urvashi Rautela successful in every task.

Mars will create obstacles for success in film industry because Mars is a malefic and inauspicious planet, but Mars has a vision and due to being the central influence of Jupter, Urvashi Rautela has the quality to achieve success by using equal price penalty for success. It is not a big deal for them to make the enemy an enemy of friend and friend for their success. Jupiter being in the sixth house makes “loss of profit yoga”, but the sixth house of Jupiter, the lord of the eighth house, destroys its inauspicious effect, due to which Urvashi Rautela will get interest in religious tours, and will also get money from religious works, but her age After completing fifty years of life, it is indicating to give kidney disease, Diabetes disease, so control food should be done right now.

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