What and how to feed God?

god food

God is hungry for emotion only, so if anything is offered to him, he accepts it. Giving food to God is a symbol of reverence and faith. If you want to offer food any deity, then it is used in fire. Gods accept food only through fire.

In the Havan Kund, fire should be lit and offered to it bhog.

Which food should be offered to which deity.

Laddu – Laddus are of many types like Besan ladoos, Modak ladoos, Coconut ladoos, Bundi ladoos, Suji ladoos, Wheat-ladoos, Motichur ladoos etc. Laddus are liked by all the deities, especially Ganesha, therefore, the laddus should be offered.

Kheer – Kheer can also be offered to all the gods. All the deities are pleased with Kheer.

Pudding – There are many types of pudding, such as – moong pudding, semolina pudding, flour pudding, carrot pudding etc. But most of the semolina should be used for pudding. Hanuman ji should offer semolina pudding.

Malpuye – Goddess Mother is pleased with Malpuye and Lord Vishnu also loves Malpuye.

Saffron rice – Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati are pleased by offering saffron rice.

Pooranpoli – Goddess Durga should offer puranpoli, because Goddess Durga fulfills her wishes.

White Mawa Sweets – If there is any festival, the white Mawa sweets should be served to all the deities.

Ganeshji’s Bhog – Motichoor ladoos, besan ladoos or Bundi ladoos should be offered.

Lord Vishnu ji – Lord Vishnu should offer panchamrit and semolina pudding.

Goddess Lakshmi ji – White or yellow colored sweets and saffron rice should be given to Goddess Lakshmi.

Bhog of Lord Shiva – Panchamrit is offered to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva should be given a bath with milk, curd, sugar, honey, ghee and water. Revadi, Mishri, Chironji, Jaggery gram and milk are offered to Shiva.

Lord Hanuman’s Bhog – Panch Meva, Halua, Laddu and Mishri should be offered.

Shri Krishna’s Bhog – Shri Krishna should offer Makhan, Misri, Kheer, Halua and Paida.

Bhog of Goddess Durga – Kheer, pudding, banana, sweets, Malpua, Puranpoli, coconut should be offered.

Bhog of Lord Rama – Barfi, Kalakand, Gulab Jamun, Saffron Bhat, Kheer, Coriander are offered.

Bhog of Goddess Saraswati – Panchamrit, butter, curd, laddus of white sesame, milk is offered.

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