What are the reasons for divorce? Learn through Astrology

What are the reasons for divorce

A woman is incomplete without a man and a man is incomplete without a woman. The world goes on through marriage. The relationship between husband and wife is for a lifetime or as it is for many births. Many marital relationship break up even after getting married on merits on astrological basis. Let us know which planets and astrological formulas (Yog)  get divorced after marriage: –

  • In the horoscope, the seventh house is of marriage, of the spouse, if there is a sun planet in the seventh house, then there is a fight between the husband and wife due to which they get divorced.

In the seventh house of a horoscope, if a Jupiter or Mars is sitting or low or set in the seventh house, such a boy / girl should get married after 30 years. If married before the age of 30, the marriage will not succeed.

  • If there is a sun in the first house i.e. ascendant in the horoscope, then there is every possibility of a break-up after marriage, in this case, after marriage, one should marry again with the same spouse. Doing so will not break the marriage.
  • If there is no influence of auspicious planets in the seventh house and if the Sun or Venus planet is in the seventh house then the first marriage is dissolved and then the second marriage is successful.
  • Sun and Venus are sitting together in the ascendant, then the person gets divorced and then the second marriage is successful.
  • If Venus and Saturn are in the seventh house, then such a person forms a relationship with many opposite sexes, due to which he gets divorced.
  • If a woman has Saturn in the seventh house in her birth chart, then such a girl gets married very late.
  • If Mars is situated in the seventh house and the influence of sinful planets on it, then a woman becomes a widow.
  • If there is a weak planet in the seventh house and there is no effect of the auspicious planets, then the marital life of the person becomes bad.
  • In the navamaansh horoscope, if the ascendant lord is a sin planet or is under the influence of sin planets or is sitting in one of the 6,8,12 houses, then such a person does not get the happiness of life partner. Even if there is a marriage, you do not get marital happiness.

If there is Mars and Venus in the seventh house of the horoscope and if Saturn is influenced by them, then such natives get severed in relation to sexual activity.

  • If there is an effect of low or sinful planets on Mars inside the horoscope, so there is a lot of struggle in marital life.
  • If the lord of the sixth house is sitting in the fourth house and the lord of the fourth house is sitting in the sixth house, then the relationship is severed.
  • If Saturn, Sun and Rahu are in seventh house together and sin is impacting the lord of seventh house and planet Venus, then there is a distance between husband and wife in marital life, both of them start living separately.
  • Divorce is possible even if there is a visual relationship between the lord of the seventh house and the lord of the twelfth house or sitting in each other’s zodiac signs or sitting together.

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