What color should wear high heels and astrology effect

high heels

The actresses of Hollywood wore high heels, then this trend also went on in Bollywood and it became the first choice of actresses. Gradually, the High Heels started attracting common women as well and today the present High heels has become a vogue and fashion. Most of the women started wearing high-heels because it is also a style and wearing high-heels not only enhances their personality but also attracts them. Many women wear high heels to hide their short stature, with many women use them to look stylish and attractive.

Even though wearing high-end footwear makes them attractive, but it is not easy to make wearing them walking. Sometimes it also proves very harmful. Here we present to you some important thing about astrology on women wearing high end footwear instead of talking about disadvantage.

Due to the influence of Saturn on the feet, Saturn is also a factor of all diseases related to the feet and the Sun is the factor of bone. The planet of beauty is the planet Venus. If the planet Venus is having influence in a woman’s life, then that women will be attracted towards the fashion and will use beauty accessories.

Similarly, when Saturn and Venus will be related, women pay more attention to the beauty related to the feet and legs. In such a situation, women are often eager to buy high heels or new footwear to look attractive. Since the time has changed and the era of high heels has come, so most of the time Saturn and Venus or the twelve house lord of the planet move towards buying high heels.

If the High Hills are dirty, torn, bereft, they should be replaced or discarded immediately. Wearing unhygienic, torn or colorless high heels makes the ill effects of Saturn in a woman’s life. Whenever wearing high-heeled shoes, they should be cleaned or polished well before that. The color of the high heels is better if it is black and red.

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