What does society accept ?

What does society accept

What did a prostitute write her autobiography. All the dignitaries of the city hanged!

Man is a social organism and he wants to live in society. Truth is very harsh, there is no difference between those who walk on fire and those who walk on truth so society does not want to accept the truth because society is afraid of Agneepath! (the path of fire)

A true man has a usefulness to society, but he has no meaning with his grief and pain, just the work of the society should be completed.

Society chooses you for its work, so you need a good face. Those who are bad, who are useless, the poor mentality that is shaking inside should remain inside, it needs your external form, those which show good form.

Now if you become a good man for the society, then the work of the society is complete. The society is not much worried that now you are more. Society agrees with a good man, is sufficient. Society wants you not to be the bad guy. Your bad aspect is inside you, good aspect is outside. Because society itself means that the union of our external aspects is called society.

My soul is dirty, it does not make any sense to the society, I should come to you after bathing, wearing clean clothes, is enough, because your union is going to be with my body and with my clothes, not with my soul. If I say that my soul is very pure, but I will come to you after covering all the dirt, then you will say, soul you know, please do not bring this dirt to me. Society means the meeting place of our external personality. The society is worried that your external aspect should be corrected, the inner you should know. That is your personal problem.

But religion does not stop at this. Religion says that the real, personal problem has to be solved. It is good that you are a good man and not a bad person. its better. But religion says, this is not enough. It is necessary, not enough. Are good, very good. But if you stop at the best, then you are deceived. Will have to cross well.

I have already said that the truth is very harsh, the dirt that you see is no one else who spreads that dirt around you, it is society. This brothel, this gambling house, this nudity on the internet, this corruption, bribery, all the sins are the product of society. Society is afraid to accept the truth.

If a woman is alone in the society, then the animals of the society want to have coitus with her. The women of the society are jealous of that woman, do not you trap my husband? And those husbands want to devouring that woman, want to take her to bed but are afraid to adopt her in the society because they have a good face in the society.

Take all two faces and live for one society and one for yourself. You are the one who lives by taking a face for yourself, you are the one, build a society with that face and then the society will become a reality rather than a society, then everything will be safe, then there will be no dirt, then there will be no prostitution nor A prostitute will be able to write her autobiography.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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