What does your legs say?

What does your legs say

The legs of all human beings have the same structure. The legs should be even in proportion to the thighs. The length of the thighs should be almost the same from the knees to the top and the legs from the knees to the top of the calf.

Despite the structure of the legs being the same, the fate of all human beings is different, let us know:

  • Those who have more flesh and shine on their legs are lucky.
  • Thin, goat-like legs are a sign of obsolescence.
  • If bones are seen in the legs from a distance, then such a person is not worthy of trust.
  • The capillus on the legs should be thin and short, this opens up luck.
  • The legs with bells and curly hairs increase luck.
  • Women whose legs are clean and shiny are rich.
  • When people with thick and heavy calves are deceived, it cannot be said.
  • People with long legs are lucky and earn a lot of name in life.
  • If the legs and thighs look alike, then that person earns a lot of money.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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