What is a prayer?


Prayer is not what we pray; Prayer is what happens to us. Prayers are also offered by mouth and by heart. There are different ways to just pray. There are two ways of praying, one is written in the scriptures, which you do, and the other is what you do because what you do is what you do, but when you dive into the depths of the mind and do it then the scriptures You will not remember the prayer, then you will pray those prayers that reach the Lord.

I had heard a Jewish story; there was a Mojies in that Jewish tale. The Mojies pass through a forest and see a man praying, the shepherd, the poor man, wearing torn rags, praying to God. Will not be bathed for months, such deodorant is coming. Now if you want to live with the sheep, you cannot even live in a bath. Deodorant has to be practiced. Very bad deodorant is coming from that man… Sheep deodorant. The sheep are bleating all around and he is sitting there praying. What he is saying is also very interesting.

Mojies stood up and heard, he was very surprised. He had seen many prayers, did not see such a man. He is saying to God, “Oh God! Once you call me to you..… I will serve you in such a way that you too will be happy… I have no harm in pressing your feet… I press your feet like this, let your heart become a garden-garden. … And I will bathe you and wear lice in your head and I will clean them too.

Now his poor people must have been lynched in the head of the shepherd, so presumably man will think his own belief with God. “You must have got lice, they will give me away. Flea, etc. must have climbed your body, Don’t know if someone cares about you or not …” Mojies did not tolerate what this man was saying! And he said, “I make bread good, I also make vegetables good.” I will also make food every day. You will get tired, I will give pressure on you feet, I will also give you a bath…. You should give me a chance to come to you once.

It was out of tolerance for Mojies when he said, “I will get lice out of your head and the dirt on your body will freeze, you will clean the wear and tear and the flea, etc., no one knows about you there. Doesn’t it… ” Mojies said, “Be silent! Shit Devil! What are you talking, who are you talking to? From God?

And tears flowed from the man’s eye. That man got scared. He said, I’m sorry.  Any mistake? 

Mojies said, Mistake! And what could be wrong…. God got lice! Flea! He does not have any leg suppressor! He is not going to make any food! Will you make food? And you will wash it with wear and tear? What have you understood? Is God a shepherd? “

The shepherd started crying. He grabbed Mojies’s leg, he said, Forgive me! What do I know, I am an ill-fated clown. No knowledge of scripture, never learned letters, never been here in this forest on the mountain with the sheep, I am a wolf, forgive me! Now I will never make such a mistake. But let me explain the exact prayer.

So Mojies explained to him the exact prayer. The man said, “This is very difficult.” I will forget this I will not be able to remember it, repeat it again. The Mojies repeated again, they were very happy in the mind that they brought a man on the road… to the wandering one. The man then said, Repeat one more time please.

He also repeated and when the Mojies started going on their way towards the forest, in a very happy mood, they heard a loud roar in the sky and the voice of God said, ” Mojies! I sent you into the world that you connect me with people, you started breaking!

Now it was a matter of panic of the shepherds, now the Mojies sat down in the stag, started shaking hands and feet. He said, “What are you saying, I broke!” I told him the exact prayer!

God said, “What exactly does prayer mean?”

Ok word? Ok pronunciation? Ok language? Right prayer means … heartfelt!  That man will never be able to pray right now. You broke it for him forever, I was very happy with his prayer.

That man was very honest. The man used to say these things with a big heart, used to say it daily. I used to wait for him every day when the shepherd would pray. This is how many people like you pray. I do not wait for his prayers. Those are tied, battered and beaten things. They keep saying the same thing every day. This man used to say with heart. This man used to say as the lover says.

And then the poor shepherd speaks the language of the shepherd. You go back, apologize to him. Touch his feet, and persuade him to do as he used to. Take your prayer back. Therefore, pray that what you do to reach that God is not what you do to reach people.

God is hungry for emotion. Worshiping them with emotion makes them happy. They have nothing to do with your mathematics; they accept the prayer made with clean, honesty and policy.

God resides in everyone’s heart, so if a prayer is made from the heart, he definitely reaches them. Therefore, the words that are used in prayer do not mean anything to God, God is happy only with your feeling, your reverence.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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