What is a wife?

what is wife

Wife is a trust, believe. If there is no wife in life, then the life of a person is nullified; how much hard work he can earn, how much land he can earn, how many ways he can make, but if there is no woman in his life, then he will Is, colorless, it is like a river that has no water.

Wife is a belief Many men also have imagination. Every way is based on faith, if there is faith then God is seen in the stone also, if there is no faith, then it will become a habit to look at everything with suspicion. Whenever you see, then the defect will come in your eyes. If you are in love with your wife, you will see different colors in life. If you do not have love, you are only living life with her, then life will become hell, because only the wife gives happiness and sorrow to heaven and hell.

She makes your married life happy. Works to increase offspring by producing children. The wife is called Grihasvamini in the Vedas. A house cannot be imagined without him. Build a home, build a big home, build a garden outside the home, if there is no woman in that home then only the home which is made of brick, stone, iron. The wife stands with you in every sphere of life, no matter what the problem. A man can build a home, but only makes a house a woman.

If you want, buy a woman from the market and keep it with you, but you will not be able to buy her heart, her heart. When you do not make a wife then the stars of life will not be colored! The wife enhances life, enhances, produces children and brings happiness to the house. Blessed are those who get the support of a woman throughout their life, who get a wife. Man gets respect in society only from his wife. A man is incomplete without a woman, when a woman comes in his life as a wife, he becomes complete.

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