What is life and how to live life?

Harry Houdini

Escape Plan, a film by American actor Sylvester Stallone, breaks the locks of Sylvester prison and comes out. In this way he used to come out by breaking the locks of many prisons. Similarly, a long time ago, I had heard a story in my childhood that there has been a magician in this world named ‘Houdini’. Houdini was the greatest magician in the world, his biggest feature was to tie Houdini in any chain, lock any number of locks, and he would come out with those chains and locks.

Once he was locked in a coffin, then the coffin was tied with chains, covered with thick locks, and then threw the coffin into the sea, within 2 minutes, Houdini came out of the coffin, everyone was amazed. To see his art, he was put in all the prisons of the world but he used to come out of all the prisons. There was no lock of the world that he could not open. The government, Army, Police were all worried that how does it open all the locks? The police made all kinds of arrangements, in England, France, America, Russia, Germany, Australia etc. were taken in prisons of every place, fastened in chains, locks were put on but within minutes, Houdini opened all the locks. Everyone was surprised to see his art, used to wonder how all this opens the lock?

But Houdini lost in Italy, losing that he was upset, soaked in sweat, upset for 3 hours. Millions gathered outside, everyone thought, how did this happen? Had Houdini not died? How does one who comes out from all the locks of the world come out in Italy today?

Why the Houdini who breaks any locks and comes out in seconds, could not leave for 3 hours? When Houdini came out after three hours, he was about to see his condition, was sweating, his eyes had turned red, his face had become weak, the body looked like it was very weak, hungry and thirsty. Was, the clothes were torn, as soon as it came out, it was getting louder, it was fast breathing. He was asked that Houdini – what happened. What happened? How long did it take? Houdini said that I have been cheated a lot today! I have been joked. The door was not locked; I kept trying how to open the lock? Open if there is a lock, there was no lock at all.  

There was a big joke with Houdini here. If there was a lock, it would have opened, but there was no lock. Houdini was adept at the art of opening the lock, there was no such lock in the world, which Houdini could not open! But there was no lock here, the door was just stuck, the lock was not locked. If the latch had not been installed, it would have opened even if the latch had been installed, but the latch was not even installed; only the door was stuck. Very nervous, very scared, what has happened to me today, why am I not able to open the lock? Suggesting no remedy, Houdini was the first to be defeated.

When people asked how did you get out?

So he told that he was stuck there for 3 hours, tired, fell down tired, tired the door and the door opened and I came out from there.

Today my reputation got in the water and you ask what the tool is? With which tool do I open the palate? Which is the trick?

Do not know where it is stuck. Do not know where the rust occurred.

It is not a night bound; it does not open the day.

Someone is a tool, someone is a trick.

There is no tool, no trick.

Not closing the door that you is getting upset trying to open?

Some people consider life to be a problem, but want to solve it, but life is not a problem, life is not a question that you want to answer, life is just a mystery located in the womb of the future.

Life is just to be lived, not lost in answer to questions. Life is not a problem because there is a solution to the problem but there is no solution to the mystery.

Those who are naïve people live life to the fullest while those who are educated people get entangled in questions.

 Houdini was very lawful, but within 3 hours all his knowledge was exhausted, three hours he was so upset, don’t ask, he was thinking through his knowledge that the lock is there, the lock is there but there was no lock, he would have lost his knowledge. He would have opened it but there was no lock. All his knowledge is gone, he is defeated, collapses.

History testifies that knowledgeable people have never attained the divine. Only those people, who are not knowledgeable, believe in the attainment of God. The sense of service that lies inside.

A knowledgeable person first tightens him on the strength of his knowledge, then he goes and believes, but God is not tightened. They are loved with heart and feelings, only then they are attained.

Those who are knowledgeable do not live life; they put life into a debate like a question. While life is for living, it is not for any problem. You do not have authority over what is going to happen, you cannot change what has happened. You do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. You do not even know what will happen in an hour.

Knowledgeable people are like Houdini and lose one day. You cannot live life because the life you have lived, your knowledge has lived, where did you live? You remain a slave to your knowledge. They kept solving everything like questions.

The life God has given to live. These houses, wives, children, parents, wealth, cars, relatives etc. are all for a period of time. If you live by making life a problem, then it is futile to take your birth. May life be achieved with love, with faith, with laughter and happiness, because this world is a hospice for you, you are just a guest here. You have to leave from here one day; do not get caught in the locks of problems of life, because the locks are not locked.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami

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