What is love?

what is love

Love is madness. Love is fun but where will you find this fun, this madness? If you are living life surrounded by problems of life all day, what will you know about love? Some people take the test of love with a woman, for them to love a woman is love. It is not like that; it is a fun that is revealed from inside. Coming out from within the body, the face shines through. He forgets everything and only talks about pleasure, like when an alcoholic person drinks alcohol, he gets different pleasure in the prohibition, the person who drinks alcohol does not stop drinking alcohol, he enjoys it. He is willing to do anything to drink alcohol, for him it is pleasure, but this pleasure is not a waste, which is not known to him. If you want to get drowned in the river of pleasure, get lost inside yourself, but before you go in, you exclude the dirt that is inside you, otherwise you will have to live with the dirt and then there will be no joy.

There is a sky inside our body, you have to get lost in it, in the sky. But you will not even know the sky because you have never seen the sky outside, what will you see inside. First of all, raise your eyes and look at the sky, the sky that is spread far and wide. First look at the outer sky, look at the clouds, see yourself, have you ever seen yourself? Do you stay mad all day just to earn money, sometimes see yourself and live for yourself one day? Many opportunities will come in life, many opportunities will be out of hand, this is a process, one day you will die, then you will not be able to see the sky. Live once for yourself, only for yourself because this life is your own. You live here, on this earth, it is not yours in this house, you are just here. One day you have to leave this, far away, then you will not be able to come back, will not be able to love, this body will leave you, you will be left alone. All the wealth, all the land will all remain here, just you will not be able to live here.

Never go to a devotee of God. What will you see with a saint? Love and joy will be seen in his eyes. Love is selfless, if you love God, you will be freed from this birth and death. Love is inside everyone, just need to bring it out. This world was there when you were not born, and even when you are born, this world is here, even when you die, this world will remain here, so long as you are in the world, love everyone, yourself, From this world.

Jyotirvid Boxer Dev Goswami


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