What is the effect of a woman’s appearance in dreams?

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The body goes into sleep, but its mind is always moving. Our brain never sleeps. When the body falls asleep, the mind wanders around and there are dreams. Every dream has different importance. If a woman is seen in a dream, what is the effect on her?

1. It is good to see a woman in a dream. A woman’s appearance only gives some benefits in life.

2. Making a physical relationship with a woman in a dream leads to wealth.

3. Kissing a woman in a dream also leads to wealth.

4. If a white woman is hugged, money will be received soon in the person’s life.

5. The appearance of an old woman provides social prestige.

6. Appearing ugly woman means that any bad trouble in life will knock.

7. If a woman is seen talking, then there is respect in society.

8. If he abandons his girlfriend in the dream, he gets family property.

9. If the woman appears to be smiling, then soon she gets money.

10. When he goes on a trip with his girlfriend in a dream, his married life is happy.

11. Appearance of an angel in a dream leads to happiness in life.

12. If women are seen wearing jewelery in their dreams, then the stopped work of a person is completed.

13. If a woman is seen laughing severely, then there is going to be trouble in the person’s life.

14. If an old woman is seen laughing, there is an increase in happiness in a person’s life.

15. The appearance of a woman wearing a burqa is a sign of betrayal from a friend.

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